My Dad Is a Victim of Elderly Abuse

And I’m Going to Tell His Story in an Effort to Stop Elderly Abuse


Jack Parkinson Abuse Victim
This is the face of a potential elder abuse victim. My Dad

Most people do not think about Elderly Abuse. I never really dreamed that it was a possibility. When you hear the word abuse, you think of children and you think about physical abuse toward men or women by a partner. Who would have believed that someone 60+ years old could become a victim of abuse? The messed up part about it is, almost all elderly abuse cases do not leave bruises that you can see. It simply destroys the life of the one who is suffering through it. It comes in the form of theft. It comes in the form of lies. It often comes from the person’s own family. Those that they took care of or helped out throughout their entire lives. It often happens to people just like my father, Jack Parkinson.
In every elderly person’s life, there will come a time when someone will do them wrong. It is a statistical fact if you look at the website for Adult Protective Services or other similar sites. Each state has their own adult services. The statistics are astounding and it is truly sad. How would you feel if your mom, dad, grandparents, or other family members were being hurt by another family member? It happens on a daily basis. Trust turns to hardships and love turns to tears. As a society we allow it to happen. Isn’t it time we stand up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves? Isn’t it time that we start protecting those who gave us life and lived long before we were born? I say, “YES”, though I never realized it was a potential issue until it happened in my own sordid, spoiled, loser family.

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