After Dad’s Passing…

Things have been difficult since my dad passed away. I have the thought on most days that I wish I could go visit him and talk to him. It comes randomly. I may walk out to the car or be sitting in the bedroom and wish that I could call him or visit him. I remember the same things with my  mom after she passed away. It is both easier and harder without my dad.

The truth is…I’m not real sure what to say at this time. I swore to him that his name would be remembered and I would do my best to ensure the world knew about what was done to him…but I’m not sure how to make it happen. I’ve kind of stopped since he passed away. I need to get back on track and do what is right for him, for my mom, and ultimately for myself.

On the upside, since dad’s passing I have found my sister. I am now the executor of an estate, though I am still unsure of what that means for me. It means that my battle is just beginning in many ways. Am I strong enough to get through the battles that are ahead of me? My Jack Parkinsonlawyer still feels that I have a great chance at winning at least part of the case. Though it is funny cause my dad’s sister is going around saying that I broke the law and therefore do not deserve to have it back. When I told the lawyer what was being said, he seemed to almost laugh. He said her claims are not valid in any way and what I have done has no bearing on the case that he is building against those people. 

I have also got a photo of my parents that I wanted to share. This was when they were much younger. I wish that I could go back and talk to them. Perhaps I could have helped us all and prevented a lot of the heartache that would come in their future. I would have told them about molestations and elder abuse before it happened. I would have begged for things to be done differently on their end of it all. If wishes were pennies, at this point I’d be a billionaire.