Elder Abuse Affects People for Years to Come

Me in My Parent's Home in Meridian GaWith Jack Parkinson’s case, I have felt a lot of emotions. There have been highs and lows and an abundance of plains…Right now…I’m in a unique area where it is a little of everything all at once. My son surprised me the other day by asking if we could go back to where “pawpaw” lived. He says he wants to live there.  How do you explain that evil people have the house and its not allowed? How does he even remember the home that we had to leave? To say that elder abuse affects people for years to come is the understatement of the year in my opinion.

Just Seven Years

Jack Parkinson, Meridian, GeorgiaMy son just turned 8. As a part of his birthday, I made a collage of him through the years. I found a lot of great pictures of him that I had forgotten about. Two of them hold a very special place in my heart now. One of Jack and one of Pat, both holding my youngest son in the house that they loved…Just over a year from these photos being taken, my mom would be gone. It is a difference between April 2011 and July 2012. It’s the year that hell came to McIntosh County Georgia and the one that shaped all others since it. Seven years. Seven years of hurt, anger, love, and loss. Seven years, during which I went from a happy person with two parents to love and their home to visit, to someone who has lost both their parents, the home that they built, and most things associated with them and their memories. Their life. Gone. In every way that a life can be erased. Just Seven Years.

My Plea

Pat Parkinson, Meridian GeorgiaI cannot stress enough; if you know someone who is suffering abuse or someone who has a diagnosis of dementia—–Fight for them and NEVER assume that you are able to protect yourself or them. I was blind and stupid. I thought I could protect my dad from himself. I believed if I took him to the doctor and I kept his family updated on his mental status changes, I could protect him from the vultures. Its never enough. The US government has laws that are supposed to protect senior citizens who are not able to help themselves, but then, they do nothing for the people who truly need it. My dad was hurt by his family. He was devastated by them and destroyed. There is no justice for him, because the hurt that was inside of him killed him. Even if the elder in your life is loved by all who is near them; protect them from themselves as soon as dementia comes up. Otherwise, a snake can strike in the blink of an eye and their entire life will have been lived for nothing. Don’t let it happen to your family. Your loved ones. It sounds wrong to want to have someone, a parent or a grandparent, declared incompetent, but you should declare the person incapacitated. It is the ONLY way to protect them and it should be done ASAP after dementia is diagnosed. However, the trick is, they must be far enough “demented” to be documented, but not so far that they cannot legally make the agreement.

Jack Parkinson Lost

Jack and Pat Parkinson
Jack and Pat Parkinson

My dad had four snakes waiting for the right opportunity. He never stood a chance, and neither did I. I tried protecting someone with dementia and I failed. A million videos, a million text messages saved, doctor records, a will, last wishes and the fact that the world knew my mom and dad wanted me to have their home at the end of their life, etc.; none of it was enough for the greedy who wanted more. The Brother and Sister in law, their buddies. They had everything they could want, but it wasn’t enough. They wanted to take what my parents had and destroy it. The devils blood flows in their veins and throughout their heart. Whether the case for my dad is won or lost…God will never manage to save them. It is written in my parent’s blood, sweat, and tears.

Mediation Coming Soon

betrayal elder abuseWell, we went to court. The lawyer for the foursome, as I’ve come to consider them, tried hard to pull a few fast ones. Luckily, a lawyer that we spoke to on Monday, before the court hearing, had already agreed to stand up for me so that I wouldn’t have to speak to the judge myself. In the end, it was a hilarious day, but now, mediation is coming soon.

April 24, 2018

I have never been in a courtroom enough to see two lawyers butt head…But I managed to on this day. First, the foursome’s lawyer pulled me aside and tried really hard to find out if I’d drop the case. I said, “no”. So, she came back stating that they would not sue me for their legal fees if I agreed to drop it now. That kind of annoyed me. I did not know that they were suing me for their legal fees, but the idea that they would say, “we will drop it, so you do not have to pay $3,000.00 irked me.” I mean $73,000-dollar piece of land vs $3,000. First and foremost, My dad invested more than they invested in a lawyer before he died…and Allen could have matched it with what he put into above and beyond what dad put into it. She must not be that great a lawyer…Plus, their rush to end it, makes me think they are scared. Anyway…I told her “NO. I have a case and I’m not quitting”. Then, Mr. Tucker came into the room and I pretty much fell down waiting to get out of the courtroom….

The Lawyers Go Head to Head

In 30 seconds or less, I got to watch the foursome’s lawyer fail. She stood up and immediately stated that she wanted it to go to trial that day. Mr. Trucker piped up with, “that’s not possible. It is slated to be a jury trial and there is no jury. They haven’t even done mediation yet.” Their lawyer looked at the judge and said, “I don’t remember seeing that.” To which the lawyer that I had spoken to for less than an hour the day before, asked for my files and produced the document that would prove it was a jury trial and said, “Its right here”. Their lawyer shuffles paper for a minute and says, “I’m sorry your honor. It was my oversight.” And she went to sit down. I thanked Mr. Tucker and walked out. The foursome walked out before we did, and one of them stated, I think it was dads brother, “I knew it wouldn’t work”. They tried to force my hand and failed…in front of a judge. I cannot imagine that puts them in a positive light. I say, perhaps it is no wonder they only have paid her $3,000. Anyway…the judge said since it has to go to mediation before trial, he suggested we do mediation as soon as possible. So, we continue to fight elder abuse for a little longer. Not that my fight will ever end.

After the Courtroom

End Elderly AbuseThe foursome’s lawyer somehow found my email by Wednesday after court, suggesting we set up a mediation immediately. It was stated in court that I was searching for legal council still, so I used that. She told me that she would be in contact on Monday to find out about a date. On Friday, before then, I talked to another lawyer who may be interested in taking the case, which once again gets their lawyer off me…However, a week later and still no word as to whether he will actually take the case or not. I am praying that he does. Without him, I am not sure that I will stand a chance. I never would have caught that there were other things to do before going to a jury trial like Tucker did. I am 100% grateful that he was there for me to stand up with me…and if his caseload wasn’t so heavy, I’d gladly be hiring him, just as a thank you for what he did on April 24. Either way, for now, Jack Parkinson’s battle is still raging on!!!!