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Wear Purple June 15 to Raise Awareness Against Elder Abuse

Hello to everyone. It is now July and I’m still clueless about what is going on with my dad’s court case, mediation, and everything else. It is all such a run-around. I cannot help but think that I am getting screwed by the system. However, with that said, if nothing more comes out of this than me raising awareness about elder abuse and ensuring that my dad is not a forgotten soul; then my job may be done-with or without a court hearing.

The Run Around

I’ve been talking to two separate lawyers. This one refers me to that one who doesn’t have time and returns me to the first one. Each one says they have time, but then they don’t have time, and they are more concerned about my pocket than they are in really talking to me about the case. Both state that I got screwed over. Both say that they feel I have a case and should proceed, but then follow it up with, “Are you sure you can afford to fight?” DUH…if I wasn’t prepared to do what I had to do—I wouldn’t be here talking to you.

Up in the Air

Elder AbuseLast I heard, we were supposed to be going to trial in July, but I’ve called the McIntosh County courthouse repeatedly and they aren’t telling me anything. Rumor has it; mediation should be done before a trial date is set, but even that is insane. One of the lawyers that I spoke to said that the people who screwed dad over was set to go to mediation. The other one, who was supposed to set it up, has dropped off the face of the earth. He isn’t returning calls or emails. All I was hiring them for was mediation…I’m content to settle out in mediation without going to trial, if Jack Parkinson’s family will agree to give a little. My goals for mediation were quite simple and easy to pull off…then we could all put the nightmare behind us. Maybe their lawyer figured out a way to work around mediation after all? I’m not sure. I wish I knew…but I’ve already discovered that their lawyer is the type of lawyer that gives other lawyers a bad name. She is a dishonest sort. The “countersuit” that they supposedly had on me, was a bluff. She tried to bluff me…Then tried to skip out on mediation in the courtroom by playing dumb before the judge. Shady is most likely her middle name…

Future Plans

elderly abuse supportWith all that is going on with my dad’s case, I’ve decided to attempt to move forward. If not to gain something that is rightfully his or mine, then to further this website as much as humanly possible. I want to spread the word and make it easier for people to find out about my father. In the near future, I will be taking a more direct approach for this website and focusing my attention not just on my dad, but all elderly loved ones. The things that they need to be safe in their own home and free of worry over what their brothers, sisters, nieces, and more will cause them. Raising awareness of elder abuse and elder care is where we all have to start. Otherwise, we may one day be the elder who is abused by their family members. By the people that you trust the most in your life. Jack Parkinson’s story will be heard. He will never be “Just another statistic” and I’m praying that no one else has to become one either.