A Truly Bad Day for Jack

The more I think about my dad today, the madder I get with his family. Today, I literally watched my dad attempt to stand up and give up doing so after crawling around on the floor for a while. The proud man that he is wouldn’t let me attempt to really help him. It hurts to see him like that. How is he supposed to be a threat if he is unable to stand up on his own? It hurts my heart. He was so excited to go home after the hospital. He could have stayed in rehab longer, but he wanted to go home. He wanted to return to my mom. He did so on the 6th and on the 7th his brother came up and started shit, on the 9th the land owner sent out an eviction notice and on the 16th my dad picked it up. 10 days. That’s all they allowed him to be peacefully at home for.

He has home nurses coming in. They are trying to get him strong enough to walk, but so far; he hasn’t been at it long enough. He is dying already…and wants to plan to pack up, but still, has nowhere to go. One of the social workers came to see him today. That could prove to be a positive step. The social worker was upset over what was being done to my dad…he has told my dad that he will try to help him. Isn’t it funny that his home nurse social worker can say this is some stupid, cruel stuff; but the social worker in my dad’s family is part of the reason all this is happening to my dad? What would she do if someone hurt her mom? Perhaps she would laugh at her own mom having to suffer…would not surprise me.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring. Dad is sitting around his house trying to figure out what to take and what he can leave. Can you imagine spending 30 years of your life building a home for yourself and then having your family take it away from you? Them telling you that you do not belong there? That your things are of no value to them? That your life is of no value to them because they want to bulldoze everything? I am Jack Parkinson’s daughter. I am watching it happen to him; but I still cannot fathom what he must be feeling knowing that the niece nurse who he gave a car to when she was younger, the sister who he purchased the land from, and the brother that he trusted completely have all teamed up to kill him.

Today was a day of reflection for my dad. He has so much pain inside and he is overflowing with it. He has given up his hopes. The life is gone from his eyes. The fire that should be in them is gone. He wishes me luck on my website, but he feels it is useless. I pray that we can prove him wrong. Make my website a success. Please.

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