After the Storm

Well, Hurricane Mathew came and went. It didn’t damage the houses that I had hoped it would, but luckily my dad and I made it through ok. I do find it funny that his brother never came to see if he was okay. It sounded like they had a generator down at their house and they couldn’t be bothered to bring dad a glass of water after tricking him into signing his property over. I cannot prove that they have a generator, but there was a lot of noise there when everyone else’s power was out for 3 days. I guess the new homeowner, whatever they pretend to be, asked dad how he was because he walked outside. They also knew he didn’t have power, but being the good nurse and doctor that they are (least I THINK he is something like that, but I wouldn’t want his hands on me. Never know what body parts doctors who take land in the way that he did, would take).

Anyway, they didn’t offer dad a glass of water, a piece of bread, or anything else. Once the city of Darien allowed people to come in, I drove to help him out. 40 minutes from where I’m staying to his house to fill up buckets from the pond so that he could flush a toilet. I took him to get water from a store and some sausages that he could put on ice. Yet they say that I was a horrible caregiver????? They are the pitiful people who take and only take from someone. I guess that those 4 people steal and deceive to compensate for a lack of satisfaction with their own selves. They compensate for a lack of personality or something. The nurse and doctor should know that a person with diagnosed dementia, a UTI infection, and off his Wellbutrin because he suddenly decided they were making him sick, cannot make decisions about their property. They simply don’t care. It’s great though cause when the lawyer decides to proceed on it all, they will find out that they don’t own the home that they have been mowing or destroying. They are letting my mom’s house rot for their own pitiful greed…

OH well. I’m kinda glad they choose to write dad off. If they took food to him, they would likely poison him to get rid of him faster. They eliminated me, the only help that he depended on and they are trying to eliminate a disabled American veteran who he now asks for some help from. My dad talks nonstop about his dad and how he knows his dad would not have approved of what they did to him. I’m not sure how they all sleep at night. They have all benefitted from my dad’s kindness in the past. He bought the nurse a car and he has helped his brother out numerous times. The simple fact he helped his brother marry his wife by giving the money to them to do it says my dad was very giving. My dad sold his brother a car once, the brother paid half and then “forgot” to pay the rest. My dad’s father told him to repo it, so my dad did. Then he sold the car for $25. LOL That was back many years ago…but my dad has tried to be a brother to his brother…and then his brother treats him like this???? I’ll never understand it.

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