An Angel Was Lost

Angel BabyOkay. So this post isn’t about my father exactly, but it is in a roundabout way.  The girl is the photo is my daughter, who lost her home the same day that mine was taken. The people who took it and removed me from the property knew that she was pregnant. On November 12, 2016, her angel baby, Noah Brian, was delivered. He came too soon from her body. It comes after an entire pregnancy where she didn’t have the food that her body needed. She wanted to come home with me. She begged me on many occasions to give her a place to live, where she would be able to eat consistently. I would buy her the food that I could and I did give her the opportunity to stay where I am living, but with where I live, she couldn’t stay. There was no room for all of us and no way for her fiance to stay with me. I went from a 4 bedroom home to a two bedroom home. In my 4 bedroom, I had only myself, my son, and my grandson. In the 2 bedroom home, we added another person as it is, by living with a cousin in his home. Where my daughter lives, I could not feed them all and to help her, I would have had to. They go to bed without food some nights and she often said she would go days without eating. My grandson Noah paid the price for it. Had I been able to stay in my home, she could have stayed with me. Even my father would have preferred for her to be where she could eat.

Now, my father wants us to bury Noah with my mom’s ashes. He has a big heart and it is his great grandchild being cremated. He wants him to be put with my mom’s ashes so that he will never be alone. However, my daughter nor I want him angel babyput there. I’d love for him to be placed with my mom, but not on the land that was stolen. Already we must face the fact that my mom’s memorial site will never be accessible to me once my father is gone. Why would I put my grandson in an area
that will be inaccessible to me as well? My heart aches bad enough knowing that I cannot move my mom to a place that is unsullied by the devils who now own it. I do not see how it is fair that those people can purchase a memorial site where her ashes are and her tombstone is placed. How they can block me from a memorial space where her ashes are and I know that they will. It is a place that they will keep me away from the first chance they get, because they claim ownership of her land and her soul as it is. I’ve lost the soul and ashes of one person and my dad still cannot comprehend why I will not put my grandson there. He tells me that they cannot take that away from me, but they have. And they celebrate my loss. The “GOOD” people that they all pretend to be.

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