Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off to Court We Go; Again

End Elderly Abuse

End Elderly AbuseLife is kind of Crazy right now. The courts did not give me any warning. I still have not received any notice of an upcoming court date. But I have to be in the court room come Tuesday morning. What is it about? I do not know anything beyond the estate of Jack Parkinson. The courts will not tell me anything beyond that. Luckily, I called them, or else it may have just slipped past and cost me the case. So, Hi Ho Hi Ho….

Hoping for a Continuance

I asked them what were the chances that I could get a continuance. The lady at the court house said only that the judge would talk more to a lawyer than he will to me. I asked her what was the courtroom visit going to be regarding? She said you are the executrix of the estate. Duh, I kind of already know that. I asked is it a pretrial hearing where the judge will ask if I’m ready for trial or what? She said you are executrix. Just show up with a lawyer. “I have no lawyer”. I suggest you get one. Now, this call happened on Wed and I have to be in the court room come Tuesday. Am I the only one who doesn’t have a few grand simply lying around waiting on me to “find a lawyer”, secure a lawyer, and get them in the court room in six days prepared to speak on my behalf? This is even during a weekend, which cuts my timeline down to four days…

The Lawyer

I was content to just show up. I may have lost the case by doing so, but at least I showed up for it. A great friend of mine attempted to search for a lawyer and work out some deals with him, etc. The lawyer has requested I send him all the pertinent information about the case, so he can get an idea of what may be going on before we meet up Monday morning at 9am. At that time, he will decide if he wants the case or not. His words, I don’t want to look like an idiot when I stand before the judge. Makes sense to me…(I was the idiot when I went there on Feb. 27th and was not looking forward to it again). Judges are not happy when you stand up and say “Uhhhh”. LOL. Anyway…I need a lot of luck, so hopefully someone, somewhere, is sending good vibes my way. One cool thing about this all is that because my friend went to church with a couple lawyers, and they are friends with other lawyers. There has been an unexpected twist to it all.

A Helping Hand When I Need It

My friend is friends, through the church, with a guy that is pretty high up the food chain. He was at one time a senator. He knows the new lawyer that we are talking to, also through the church, and has promised to help with advice if needed. He has even gone so far as to say that if the new lawyer decides to NOT take the case, then he personally will stand beside us come Tuesday morning. :O Needless to say, I am impressed. If you have a freaking senator on your side…that could be a major helping hand. Makes me wish I had followed politics a little more so that I would know more about his background, but I Have the hopes that it will bode well for Tuesday and beyond.

Why My Fight Continues

Jack and Pat Parkinson
Jack and Pat Parkinson

I have almost given up on fighting…What’s the point? I’m a poor girl who has lost both parents and everything that they cherished. Seems a waste of effort to battle a case to get their property back knowing that the home they built together has been left open to the elements and needs to be bulldozed. I’ve lost what matters. Why spend thousands on a lawyer that I cannot afford? Because if I do not fight, then I cannot win or lose. I just become a quitter. Because Elder Abuse happens to those we love everyday and if we do not choose to take a stand then it will never get better. Because all my life I’ve just kind of gone with the flow and never fought for anything I believed in. I promised my dad before he passed away that his name; Jack Parkinson, would never be forgotten. That his name would live on long after he passed away. Not just for the houses he built or the fact that the people in his small town knew of him, but because he was a victim of elder abuse and his fight would continue.

Facing Our Future

Elder Abuse

Well, it has once again been a while. I wasn’t sure what to say about the court date that we had. I’m still not real sure. LOL My dad’s brother didn’t show up, but I did. Therefore, we got a continuance and time to find a replacement lawyer, which I am working on. I should have another court date in the near future to get a continuance with the case involving my dad’s niece. Beyond that, life is insanely busy. I am working harder than ever building websites constantly. It is making it so that I neglect this one, but the money is kind of nice to have considering the hearings that will be coming soon. 🙂

Never Give Up

One thing I have to tell others is “never give up”. If you feel that there is an elder abuse situation staring you in the face, fight it with all that you can. I recently found another website that is devoted to ending elder abuse. It has a lot to say about the topic that I’ve been dealing with for nearly two years now. It gives you perspective when you see that you are not the only one struggling to get beyond the pain of financial elder abuse and other types of pain that our loved ones deal with daily.

Staying Straight

Keeping your eye on the price is vital to everything I do right now. I’m working hard to get ahead so that I can pay a new lawyer to represent us the way that my dad should have been represented all along. Part of this includes paying off old bills so that I can get money saved up. No one but me is going to fight this battle, so I have to keep focused on what comes next. It isn’t always easy to do, but determination will see me through on it. I’ll do it for Jack Parkinson, Patricia Parkinson, myself, and my three wonderful, beautiful, children. They are the ones who did not ask to be hurt by an evil family. They should have been allowed to hold their memories and have it be a part of their future.

It Has Been Awhile….

End Elderly Abuse

End Elderly AbuseI know it has been awhile since my last post…the truth is; things are messy at best. There was a lot of confusion with the lawyer. He changed law firms and my dad’s case ended up shoved aside for a while. When we finally figured out there was an issue, the people who had stolen my dad’s property had already filed to have the case dismissed in the courts. I stated I didn’t want it to just drop, and the lawyer picked up speed on the case. Now, we are moving forward again. We have been in touch with dad’s doctors, the medical release forms have been submitted, and things are starting to move forward. With any luck at all; things will continue to progress. Jack Parkinson has been gone nearly a year…February 23 will be a year since we figure he passed away, since it was proven he was gone at least 24 hours since I found him. He is gone, but he is never far out of my thoughts.

Missing Parents

There is not a day that goes by when I do not think of him in some way. Sometimes it is a thought of how smooth his skin was, how soft his hair was, or some other generic thought. Most day’s it hits me out of no where…the thought, “I wish I could go speak to my dad today”, or “I wish today I could go home and be near where he and my mom built their lives together”. I could honestly handle losing both my parents within 5 years of each other if there was something solid to hold onto. Or maybe if I had simply had the choice to sell out or keep the home that they loved and built together, it would somehow be more okay. It is devastating to know that my dad wanted nothing more than to be placed on his land with my mom and still after nearly a year…his ashes sit in an urn in the living room where I am staying, while she is there where he put her…waiting on his return. There should be some law that makes it so that a person’s final wishes must be kept or the person who denies their final wish will be put into a jail cell…missing out on something that they desire in life. 

Pray for Jack Parkinson

Jack ParkinsonI know that my dad is gone and some say that once that happens, the person knows nothing more. But he was so unhappy being taken advantage of during the final year of his life by those he trusted the most, that I cannot help but think he needs closure. I believe in my heart that he isn’t resting peacefully because he is in an urn rather than with my mom. I believe in my soul that he will not rest as long as someone else is holding his land, the land that he was tricked into giving away. I beg everyone who reads this to pray that I will be successful so that my dad can go home and the two of them can be together in death as they wanted to be. It isn’t fair to keep their ashes apart in death because of a group of people’s greed in life. Pray for us all, please.

My Dad Was Questioned…

End Elderly Abuse

Yesterday my dad was questioned by the new property owner….They asked whether he was still falling down. My dad said honestly that he was. Had fallen the other day and hurt his hip. I think he shouldn’t be so honest with thieves. I expect an eviction to be legally posted soon. They say him falling is a liability, but not one of them will get off their butt to help him. I had told my uncle two days before he was released from the hospital that I’d move in with my dad if need be. Then the eviction came in and since I work and homeschool my son using a computer; it is not practical to move out there for a week. I also have that conversation recorded and am waiting to post it to see what happens next. I’d love to stop him from falling. They didn’t give him a chance to heal up or get his strength back after surgery and before the eviction notice. They didn’t give me a chance to move in and help him be stronger. If he has to move cause of them playing God over property that I will spend my life fighting for; they are dooming him to a camper or worse. They think the quality of his home is lacking right now….LOL Do they care? Doubt it. No one gives a shit about Jack Parkinson, but me.