Dad’s Eviction is Now Official

End Elderly Abuse

My dad has received his official eviction notice. It came to him on Feb. 3. I cannot say that I am surprised, but I will say that I am disappointed. You would think that family, a social worker, and a nurse that deals mostly with elderly people would not want to see a man removed from his home. But, what do I know about it? Perhaps that is why I opted years ago, to not become a doctor, nurse, or a social worker…I have too much heart for the profession. Being a janitor, was never a potential thing that I wanted to do, so I cannot say one way or another what that can do to a person. Instead, I’ll stick with my blogs and career as a writer. I will stick with trying to become an advocate against elderly abuse and try to continue to spread the word about what is being done to Jack Parkinson, the kindest man I can think of who is being punished by his family for some unknown reason.

What Happens Next in Our Fight Against Elder Abuse?

Even though the eviction notice has arrived…I’m not giving up the fight forElder Abuse my dad and he isn’t giving up either. He is even more determined to plead his case, even if it does not gain him his property back. I am going to be there beside him through it all. No one deserves to feel what he is. All abuse is wrong, but there is something truly devastating about having your own family turn their back on you at the end of your life on this Earth. Next week, we have more appointments with a lawyer who will attend the eviction hearing with us, if he can prepare for it before the judge says we are due to be in court. He may be able to get an extension on it. That is my hope. My dad is not strong enough for the shit they are putting him through. Even his physical therapists and home nurses are concerned about his well-being if he has to move away right now. The family doesn’t care at all. They have pure greedy selfishness in their hearts and I am ashamed of the fact that we share a bloodline. If I could figure out a way to drain out all of my blood and replace it with blood that hasn’t been sullied by them, but still kept my parents genetics flowing through me, I would gladly do so. The only problem is; if I could figure out how to do it for myself, I’d also erase their evil from my kids, my grandson, and all future people who will be born into my family line. They are simply that disgusting to me and I do imagine that the feeling is quite mutual. :).

I mean, I’m nothing like any of them. I have a smaller bank account, haven’t been married who knows how many times (I’ve only taken that walk once…all of them have made multiple trips and some have done so more than most people in this world), I haven’t been a doctor or a nurse that couldn’t show empathy for an elderly person, and I never promised to take care of a person’s needs only to clean their house one time, throw away their items, and refuse to replace them. I’ve never thrown out groceries and replaced my socks before buying that person food or at least fixing them dinner for a couple nights Against Elder Abuseuntil they could find a ride to the store. I’ve always felt they were all a bunch of stuck up biddies, and even my mom said it before she passed away that the nurse was so stuck up she would drown in a rainstorm, but I never thought that their money would cause them to be satanic toward my dad…who has never done anything wrong toward any of them, until they stole his land and turned their back on him. It is made even worse by the fact that the two people he absolutely did not want to touch it, own everything he values, including my mom’s cemetery. Which is another fact that we plan to fight against. They desecrate her home, they won’t think twice about doing it to her resting place. If that happens, I pray someone also does it to the nurse’s son.

Sorry, I shouldn’t say that. I won’t sink to their level of despicableness.

Planning Ahead…

I’m not sure what the plans are from here, except hope and pray that the devils do not win this round against Jack Parkinson. They have won every other skirmish but the battle against the elderly abuse of my dad has not started yet. There will be no defeat for him or for myself. You simply need to start sharing his story. Help me spread the word. Together we can make it noticeable and perhaps change the laws before someone in your own family is forced to suffer as he has.

Its a Sad Night for Me…Thinking Too Much

End Elderly Abuse

I was browsing FB tonight and found an article that I thought was absolutely beautiful. All I’ve done since my mom passed away is pissed people off…I did the best that I could for her when she was alive and now I face the cold hard fact that my dad may go soon as well. He and I were never close while my mom was alive. She was the friend and confidant. She was the one I talked to about my troubles and told my wishes to. With her passing, my dad became the one I talked to about things that were going on in my life. She asked me to love her home and take care of my dad. She asked me to stay close to him and I’ve tried til the evil family removed me from Jack and Pat Parkinson’s land.  They destroyed her hopes. They destroyed her home. They are selfish and conniving. And I fear that they will soon murder my dad. All it will take is being removed from what little he has left of my mom. Even her ashes will be left there because they have deemed themselves better and more deserving than him or I.  Oh well. Cant change the hold that satan has on them, but you can read the article that made me cry  if you want to. Just visit the link below



My Dad Was Questioned…

End Elderly Abuse

Yesterday my dad was questioned by the new property owner….They asked whether he was still falling down. My dad said honestly that he was. Had fallen the other day and hurt his hip. I think he shouldn’t be so honest with thieves. I expect an eviction to be legally posted soon. They say him falling is a liability, but not one of them will get off their butt to help him. I had told my uncle two days before he was released from the hospital that I’d move in with my dad if need be. Then the eviction came in and since I work and homeschool my son using a computer; it is not practical to move out there for a week. I also have that conversation recorded and am waiting to post it to see what happens next. I’d love to stop him from falling. They didn’t give him a chance to heal up or get his strength back after surgery and before the eviction notice. They didn’t give me a chance to move in and help him be stronger. If he has to move cause of them playing God over property that I will spend my life fighting for; they are dooming him to a camper or worse. They think the quality of his home is lacking right now….LOL Do they care? Doubt it. No one gives a shit about Jack Parkinson, but me.

Seeking Justice for My Dad

End Elderly Abuse

It is beginning to look like we may have a few other charges to tack on to this situation with Jack Parkinson. It is more than a case of elderly abuse. The charges we are looking at now are much more impressive and could end up with a few of the crew being charged with misdemeanors and perhaps a felony or two. I wish that I could write about it here, but I do not want to say too much at this time for legal reasons. I wouldn’t want to give the offending parties a chance to find a wormhole to wiggle through. I am so glad that I am smart enough to look at all different aspects of a situation.

Learn More About Abuse of an Elder

elder abuse justice
I found this on the web and I’m unsure of who to give credit to, but thank you. It is something I remind myself of constantly and I hope it is within my reach.

The internet opens up a lot of doorways when it comes to finding valuable information. It goes way beyond elderly abuse data, which is where I have been stuck since all of this started. Elder abuse by family is what got this ball rolling, but every second of every day; I find other stuff to pin on them. Perhaps, even though I may not be able to make elderly abuse stick, I will be able to ensure they are all punished for other crimes that they have committed.

This website is an elder abuse journal. If you suspect that an elder family member or loved one is being abused; I recommend that you create a journal of what you are seeing as well. It could be the key to successfully ending the abuse before you end up suffering as my father has. Physical abuse of an elder is easy to prove. A single photo and a phone call to the police can do a lot to make it stop. The abusive person will immediately be punished by the law and restraining orders can be put on the person if they are free until a trial takes place. Other elderly abuse signs are not that easy to prove. You will need documents and you may even need to try and video things that are not quite right.

The Law Will Win and So Will Jack Parkinson

For years, I have used my cell phone to record negative things in my life and things that were happening to my dad. For more than 6 months, I have documented things that were going on in my dad’s life with his family. The dates are off because I had to rebuild this website, but the general facts are still there. Police records are being located so that I have further documentation of what all has gone on. My lawyer says that will be very helpful in the near future as a way to back up some of the things that have happened to my dad and myself. All of it will be turned over to them this week. I’ve stated quite clearly that I want someone to pay for what they have done…and I will not rest until they have. I don’t care if it is money for pain and suffering, jail time, or my dad getting the property that he loves back into his name.

Help Me Fight Against Elderly Abuse

End Elderly Abuse

Elder abuse is considered the silent crime and every one of us is at risk for becoming a victim that is not reported or saved from the heartache that it can bring. The reason for it is simple; as we age, we need the people around us that we feel are there to help us. We depend on them. We trust them to be kind to us when daily life tasks become harder and harder to handle on our own. My anger was raised by Jack Parkinson’s family when they first stole from him because he trusted their word. They told him it was a loan and he agreed to sign the quit deed with the idea that he could have the property back when he paid for the loan that his brother had given him. Now, they are trying to remove him from the only home he has because he is man enough to stand up and say you screwed me over. Most elder abuse victims are not like my father. Most all cases go unreported. For every single theft of property by family members that is reported, thousands are never talked about. Why? Because no one knows where to start fighting. It is time to make it end. There are people out there who have gone to jail with felony charges for what they did to my dad. It is time to make it happen a little more often, so that people are less likely to take advantage of a person who needs and trusts in them. Do it now, do it before you have to suffer as thousands of other senior citizens have suffered. Help me fight to give elder abuse and the victims a voice.

Facing Facts about Senior Abuse

Elder mistreatment of a financial nature wasn’t even acknowledged as a crime until the 90s, when several elderly victims came forward to fight for their right to live their life without being victims. It is hard to prove and many victims throw up their hands and fear the repercussions of fighting back. Even my dad feared repercussions when his brother took his property, at first. But where my dad is stronger than some is the more they have done to hurt him, the more he has decided to fight back. Most people, like my dad, fear losing the family that hurts them because they choose to fight back. My dad has been lucky enough to see what they are and what kind of evil lurks within them…and he realizes that by losing them as family; he hasn’t lost much. He realizes that without being able to offer me a dime, I am still there for him. I still do everything that I can for him, without the prospect of gain. They gained and left him to die, try to force him from his home, and look down their nose at him. My dad knows that whether he has money or property, I am there to help him through anything that comes his way. It is time that our elders feel safe again. My dad’s family wasn’t the first people to victimize my dad, the first happened because he trusted a young woman who wiped out his bank account. That woman went to jail for what she did to him and many other elderly citizens in McIntosh. The same should be done to people who con him into signing away his property.

The Next Steps for Jack Parkinson

We have a lot of videos, text messages, and Facebook messages. All of them admit to deception by his family. People acknowledging that my dad was not mentally able to make decisions regarding his land and statements of we do not want the land. Statements of them owning/selling the land to keep my dad mixed up. All of it has been handed over to another lawyer. The lawyer says that there could be multiple trails in the near future. Deception, taking advantage of a person’s mental status, and many other charges are all punishable by jail time and extensive fines. In Georgia, the guilty parties can serve up to a year. Other states have stronger punishments and some have weaker punishments. We all believe that the video will hold up and that it will be admissible. The lawyers I spoke to when all of this first began were unsure. I have medical documents, statements from physicians, text, FB, and more and it is all going to come out. Even the fact the good nurse was told my dad did not want her near the property and they took it anyway, through deception and trickery by my dad’s family. We have to prove it. My dad’s lawyer thinks we have enough to get the ball rolling. I was threatened and told to keep certain names out of it…Their names will not be free of it much longer. My prayer is that they pay for the pain my dad has had to feel at their hands. They stole from him and then told him to play nice or else. All I’ve ever said to them is to leave my dad alone and let him live out the rest of his life on his land and when they took his land away, I let it slide. Now they want him removed from his home…That is not okay…and I want them all to be labeled for what they are…their day is coming. Justice in one elderly abuse case will be found. If it takes until my last breath to see it through. Laws have to be made more effective at preventing elder abuse.  I have my facts together…I really hope they have done their research as well.

Elderly Abuse by Family Members

Every day there are people being abused by family members. Our elderly will never be safe from it unless we start talking more about it and increasing the penalties for the abuse. This is not easy to do because as a general rule, our elderly generations are considered adults and capable of making up their own mind. My dad, was a proud man. He still is. He didn’t want to give away power of attorney and I was an idiot because I didn’t want to try to control his life. Had he done so; none of this would have happened to him. I trusted his family to not try to screw him over. I believed that his sister cared for him too much to allow her daughter and brother to steal from my dad. That the fact they are fine upstanding religious type folks, they were above deception to that extent. I made that mistake. My dad also made a mistake in believing in the people he considered family. As people in our world become more greedy and our elderly generations continue to live beyond the age of 60, this is not a crime that will stop without help. No senior citizen deserves it.

Look toward the future and think about the fact that you may one day also become a victim. Who do you want to fight for you? Do you want to be at the end of your life and lose everything you own? To have it taken from you under false pretenses by your family members who you spent your life caring for? I don’t know how to raise elder abuse awareness, but we all need to take a stand now to protect ourselves in the future. We have to start now, before more victims have to suffer as my father has. Share my website, get the word out there. You see that I am not asking for donations or contributions. I’m not asking for money. There are no advertisements on my pages. I’m asking purely for support to make sure that no one forgets Jack Parkinson, devoted husband, caring father, dementia patient, and elder abuse victim thanks to a family that he loved and helped out in the past.

Good News from Adult Protective Services

End Elderly Abuse

Today was a big day around dad’s house. Adult protective services came in to speak with us. She told me, even more, things that I was unaware of and I say that things are about to go very well for my dad. Every day is a learning experience. The legal system is a fucked-up web and I’m about to start weaving. I personally cannot wait to see what more I find out Monday. It is time to play pin the tail on the donkey…I have about 4 of them that I’m going to tag.

What Happens Next in My Fight Against Elderly Abuse?

If dad’s family was a wiser group of people, they would back out…and do what is right for my dad, but for some reason, I don’t think they are as wise as they pretend to be. That is okay, though…Means more fun for me. I will write more about the potential success stories as this goes along…but for now, I’m not going to spill any of dad’s potential beans. All I’m going to say is—the validity of this entire situation is about to be discovered. I can potentially jerk it out from under all of them, just by snapping my fingers and bringing up the right point to the right person…And adult protective services is the one who will ensure that I have that contact…NOW. Maybe there is hope for the elderly after all…

I know my facts…I think I know more than the Brainiac’s who pretend they are better than my dad and me. They forgot to cross a few “T”s and dot a few “I”s. They think they got enough money to keep what belongs to my dad…With the case building as it is right now…money will not help them. Dad’s brother’s statements on video, his wife’s admissions on video about overdosing my dad on blood pressure medication because she cannot read, and the many lies that have been revealed are all going to bite them in the arse.

Perhaps one day I’ll thank them for being warped souls…No…not likely. Perhaps the nurse should have gone to law school rather than nursing school… The same could be said for those who spent their lives doing other things besides studying law. perhaps then, they wouldn’t have screwed over their own selves. Perhaps after all of this is done, I’ll go back to school and try to learn more about the law myself. I’ve already got a head start.

Casting Stones

Rumor has it, my aunt doesn’t hate me—but no one likes me. Rumor has it—my dad’s bro said once that I was smart. Rumor has it—–no…there are no more rumors…You screw with people and you are going to get screwed. Who cares if my dad

Jack Parkinson
My son, who they say doesn’t deserve the home my parents built for their future generations.

enjoys a drink? Least he has never stolen from his family. My little boy took his first steps in my parents’ home, with my mom watching, and was told that he doesn’t deserve to live there. My grandson was put out of the house by those people when he was 1 year old…My son was 6. They do not acknowledge my kids as anything. Who made them God? Who made them the judge and jury on others? My dad’s sister says I shouldn’t cast stones. What exactly is it that they do when they are saying that I am the worst thing to have ever happened to my dad? They stole his land and left him there to die after they removed me and my boys from the home. Today, I watched my dad choke on a drink and fall backward from his chair. I tried to catch him…it was a glass of tea…He has had trouble swallowing since his triple bypass and all they want to do is remove him from his home? Does his family care? They cast stones at me…I’m not the one calling the woman who married many, a woman of ill repute. I’m not the one claiming my kids are great when one drinks heavily and the other supports gay rights very effectively (I have no issue with that…I just don’t feel that their skeletons are any better or worse than mine). I’m not the one who waited til I was probably 40 to become a nurse so I could steal an uncle’s land claiming I’m good moral stock…I’m not the one who took women to my wife’s bed enough that they can describe her bedroom to other people. Okay, So I’ve had a few moral lapses…but good-ness…how much critism do I have to take from these people who think they are better than me?

I Am Jack Parkinson’s Daughter

I cheated on my husband. I had a little boy. I left my home in Florida and my other two children when my mom got sick. She was battling cancer…I moved in with the person I had had the affair with because I wanted to be close, but not drive my mom nuts with my kids. I moved out of that persons’ house and I moved into my parents’ house where I tried to work and survive. I busted my ass to live and support my son with $50-$75 a week for a very long time. I tried to take care of my dad and he fought me on most of the things I tried to get him to do. I wanted a real job, but I couldn’t afford child care while I was working. I began to write more. I survived hell living in that house…and I’m a better person for it. Then I was told to leave and in order to stay close to my dad, I did what I had to do knowing that I wouldn’t gain anything from it. Knowing that he had given away his soul to the devil, I still wanted to stay close to him. I considered moving back to Florida to be closer to my nearly grown son, but I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I left him in Ga alone. I promised my mom I’d take care of him once she was gone. I’m not going to break my promise to her…no matter what hell I have to survive to keep my word to her.

Are my morals a little screwy? Yeah. LOL, I’m far from saintly. I never claimed otherwise. I don’t lie or steal half as much as those who judge me do. I have a bank account that is impressive to me because I’ve been at rock bottom and I’m no longer there. For 3 years after I moved to Ga, I didn’t make enough to have a bank account. LOL. I still don’t have as much as those other people do. I wouldn’t want to have that much. If I did, I might feel entitled like they do and I’m not that person. I’ve never stolen anything…My dad says his brother accused me of it and convinced him of it. My dad removed me from his account for about a week when all this started. I was immediately put back on it when his medications got leveled out and sis in law wasn’t overdosing him. I’ve also never put two kids out of a home. I’ve never attempted to put an elderly man out on the street. They have told two elderly men to leave.

Raise Elder Abuse Awareness Before It Hurts Your Family

End Elderly Abuse

The term elderly abuse should be put on a list that none of us is allowed to have to even think. It is a dirty word in my opinion. The problem is; to ignore it or pretend that it is not a problem, allows it to happen more often. To make it stop; we have to raise elderly abuse awareness. We have to show that our elder generations do not deserve what is happening to them. Each day, someone else becomes a victim and each day, someone gets away with it. Are you ready to take a stand and fight for your elders or yourself when the time comes? It starts now. Let us see what we can do for people, who like my father, have suffered; before they have to feel the pain that comes with elder abuse.

Raising Elder Abuse Awareness

There are several elder abuse risk factors that you need to be aware of. In the situation that my dad was subjected to; he was the perfect storm. Dementia and Depression. Had I been more aware of it, my dad may have stood a better chance to have his dying wishes come true. You see, his family told me before it happened what was going to happen. They wanted the land my father built. Pure and simple greed. I expected them to have a heart that would ensure they understood the devotion that my father and I had to the property. When he was diagnosed with dementia, he immediately became more susceptible to elder abuse and I never saw it coming. I was blind. Dementia is a primary risk factor. A person who has dementia is more trusting of their family because they depend on them more. My dad’s situation was a culmination of a lot of things. The family felt that I was neglectful and they didn’t like the people I had coming around my home. My dad would get upset with me over tiny things and they would dive in to try and convince him of bad stuff that I was going to do. For instance, talking about Allen being around the house and wanting to take possession of it so that he could turn it into a junkyard. At one time, my dad was convinced that I may be stealing from him. Within days of taking me off his checking account; my dad added me back to it because he knew that he had been wrong. A person with dementia can be convinced of anything, especially if the person talking to them is able to talk quickly. His brother has a smile that could charm serpents, and he uses it well. I’ve seen him try to twist my dad up on many occasions, the latest being the one that got eviction papers going. It is befitting that some call him a snake.

What Causes Elderly Abuse?

You may think that elderly abuse is black and white, but it isn’t clear-cut. Elder abuse happens because of a variety of reasons. Envy over what the elder has, physical abuse as a child under the now elderly person, and much more. Some people become abusive simply because they had too much to drink and got upset with the elder in their care. There could be a variety of reasons for the elder abuse to begin; in the case of my dad, it was family land that they didn’t feel myself, my son, or my father deserved. They all try to say I am a horrible caregiver for my father, but they have proven to be worse than me. I take him to doctors, I call him to check on him, I take him to buy groceries, and more. They simply give him an eviction notice. Since there aren’t any clear-cut elderly abuse causes; you have to think about the elderly people in your life and watch for changes in their behavior.

How to Spot Elder Abuse

Knowledge is power. If you suspect elder abuse, start checking things out. My dad was having mind games played on him long before D-day when his brother took him to a lawyer. I was blind…I ignored it. My dad would invite Allen over to the house or talk about me owning the property. He was saying he would sign it over to me “NOW” rather than have me wait for his death. Then, he would get so mad at me and say that I didn’t deserve the property and that Allen was trying to move in and he felt for sure that I was going to let it happen. It would change rapidly and it would be daily. He would tell me to invite Allen over and then get mad because Allen showed up. I’d tell Allen to stay away because I was catching hell for it, and dad would call him to say come over. I was the monkey in the middle and unable to do anything right. I found out later by my dad and this by his brother that during that time, his brother was saying Allen was going to move in and take over, trash up the yard, and more. I might have been able to stop it if only I had been more prepared to see it. I never dreamed family could be that cruel to one of their own. They say I didn’t deserve it. My dad lived in a dirty home. I admit it. I would clean it and he would immediately trash it. At least I gave him food when he wanted it and made sure he went to doctors when he was supposed to. They only helped him until they stole his land. I’ve been there even after he had nothing to give. Who do you think is the better person?

Other examples of elderly abuse may involve the elder having bruises or sores from abuse. They may become withdrawn. They may go from having money in their pocket to being broke or having to borrow money from others. They may have things that they value, personal property, that they give up to someone else even though you know that they wouldn’t be giving it up under normal circumstances. Abuse comes in so many different ways and there are no clear elderly abuse examples for you to follow or consider. You simply have to keep in mind that you know your loved one and if something does not seem right; chances are good that it isn’t right.

The Ugly Truth About Elder Abuse

End Elderly Abuse

What happened to my dad is terrible. It is despicable what his family has done to him. No one deserves it, no one asks for it, and no one should have to deal with it. The messed-up part about it is; Jack Parkinson is not alone. There are people everywhere who, at the end of their life, have discovered that their family is their worst enemy. It is unfair, but it is something that most people seem to ignore. The ugly truth about elder abuse is that the world we live in fails to do anything about it.

What Is Elder Abuse?

According to Wikipedia the paraphrased, technical term for elder abuse is a single or repeated act that causes harm or distress to an older person, where there may have at one time been an expectation of trust. This shows that the elderly abuse definition implies that most all people who suffer from elder abuse are being abused by people that they trust in including; family members, caregivers, and friends. They need the help of those closest to them and then the other people take advantage of their needs.

If you look beyond that; the definition of elder abuse can be twisted and turned all around to meet specific needs. There is neglect, theft, physical abuse, and much more. It is anything that goes on to hurt the elderly.

Elder Abuse Statistics

When you look at the numbers, you will be astounded by the abuse that our older generations are suffering through. According to the National Council on Aging NCOA, approximately 1  in 10 Americans over the age of 60 will suffer from one type of abuse or another. There are estimates that as many as 5-million elders are being abused each year. If the person has a diagnosis of dementia; they increase their chances of abuse significantly.

Let Us Fight Elderly Abuse

The statistics for elderly abuse not good. Too many of our older generations, such as my dad, are victims. The people who do it are allowed to get away with it. There are no real consequences and it is hard to prove because of the “trust in family” thing that triggers their abuse. Our senior citizens are grown, they have the ability to think for themselves and make choices. That often hurts them, even if they were manipulated into making choices that they didn’t understand. In the case of Jack Parkinson, he was off medication, diagnosed with dementia, and had a UTI. Lawyers say, “he may not have been confused that day”. They are saying that he turned down $60,000.00 for his property 6-months before so that he could choose to give it away for nothing? Does that make logical sense to anyone else?

If we ever want the elderly abuse facts to change; we have to start working to change things. If someone were to steal from or abuse a child; they would be locked up without question. Why then was my dad’s brother able to steal his property, and no one has paid the price for it yet? Help me fight against elderly abuse. Join in my fight to ensure that no one forgets what was done to my dad and perhaps one day; no one will have to deal with abuse by their own family. Don’t be like me and wait until it hurts your grandparents or your parents. Let’s take a stand and start telling people the truth about elderly abuse.


Dad’s Home! Then Comes More Drama…Not a Surprise

My dad came home from rehab on Friday. It was good to have him home…I’m glad there are no more trips to Jacksonville. LOL HOWEVER…I knew when he did go home there would be stuff from his side of the family tree, and I was NOT wrong. I had told dad yesterday that he would probably have to deal with his brother…and I was right…I was only planning to call my dad today…but he didn’t answer his phones when I tried. I got worried and went to go check on him. I get there and his brother is there. At first, his brother was trying to justify why he had taken the law into his own hands with the truck (remember when he damaged the truck that belonged to my dad?). Then he starts justifying why he took my dad’s property.

He still adamantly states that my dad willingly signed it over…he swears that they had to wait a week before signing the quit deed. He swears dad didn’t tell me about it, but said he had told Allen about it and that Allen would tell me instead. His brother is talking in circles the whole time saying that he got the property, he sold the property, but he was going to buy it back, but then he says he never sold it. LOL He was trying to confuse things. I eventually ask him, so if you get the property back and dad offers to pay you for it, will you give it back to him. He says NO after about the 10th time I asked. I asked him why. He said because he wasn’t going to let me get married to Allen and move Allen in. Now, I am legally married…I have a husband a son in Florida. How am I going to get married to someone else? LOL. I am not a bigamist nor am I someone who practices the old Mormon ways. (not that I have anything against people who enjoy that lifestyle, but I have enough dad issues, I don’t need more men issues. LOL.

It gets even better when that man says that my dad drinking was not something I should allow him to do. (My dad had a friend of his take him to purchase a bottle this morning before I got there, which is why he didn’t answer the phone). I pointed out to the flea speck that they put me off the property so that I cannot control what my dad does anymore. He shrugged and gave his cheesy half assed grin. We asked him how he would feel if he was a dementia patient and someone stole what he had worked his life to have…he refused to answer. He said only that it wouldn’t happen to him. Dad was getting irritated…he got belligerent. Allen was there and upon the speck mentioning how he was afraid to fight him or something, Allen stood up and said let’s go. The speck said, “On my property you want to fight?” Allen said the road, state’s property. The speck ran out the door.

Like 4 hours later, the police show up. I had just finished cooking my dad some pork ribs and beans like he wanted for dinner. I didn’t trust him to stand at the stove and cook.  The police were saying there was fighting at the house and threats were being made and that some guy from Waynesville had called it in saying it was his property. The speck claimed it was his and then some guy from another county claimed it was his a few hours later. I told the cops what had happened. I told them about the speck being inside of my dad’s house a day after he got out of rehab. The cops took my name and number, but they laughed it off. Didn’t even go talk to the speck about it, though I pointed to his house.

I went back inside to tell dad what the cops were doing in his yard. He was still eating and he got choked on his food. He couldn’t get his breath at all. His face started changing colors and I ran outside to catch the cops before they could leave. Luckily dad got the food unstuck from his throat before the cop had to help him…but it was terrifying. If my dad falls or chokes on his food and ends up dying because of it. I will place all blame on his brother, the brother’s wife, the nurse, and her thing. I will also hold my dad’s sister to blame because she is allowing her daughter to take my dad’s land. One day I truly need to post the texts that they have all sent to be before and since stealing my dad’s land. They are snakes who pretended to be human until they got what they wanted. I PRAY that karma comes to visit them all.

I videoed everything that was said from the time I got to the house and the speck left it. I would post it here so everyone could see the snake for what he is…He is a manipulative liar…but for legal reasons, I’ve been told to keep names and faces of the snakes off here. Their day is coming and everyone will know…

The Life We Live

It is truly heartbreaking to see the changes in my dad over the last couple months since I had to move away. Since my mom passed away on July 1, 2012, my dad has kept her urn on his dining room table in front of the window that looks out to the memorial stone he built for her and where he put her ashes. He would wake in the morning and talk to her over coffee. He would tell her good night at the end of a day. He would pick roses that he planted inside the memorial so that she could “smell” them when he placed them near her urn. Now, he has stopped talking to her. He tells me that he doesn’t know what to say to her. He feels that if she were here she would hate him for what he has done. He feels he gave her and everything she built away. He says she is angry with him and he does not feel that he deserves to talk to her. Talking to her and growing the roses for her memory is what kept him strong enough to fight and live. He is so sad. I see it in his eyes. He gets upset if I am not there often, even though he knows that I cannot be there all the time now. His house isn’t large enough for me and my son along with my grandson. If he had two or three bedrooms, I would have gladly moved in with him. I know he misses his talks to my mom…but I sometimes wonder what it would mean to him to wake up and walk over to my home, the one on his property that he shared with my mom, and have a cup of coffee with me like we use to do. It was our morning routine. The only exception was between Feb28 when I wrote the note telling my uncle he had struck out at me and up until he told me that if I paid my uncle ,000 I could have the land back. He later decided that he needed to clear up the total with his brother…it was just one more time that his brother would duck and dodge on him.

My dad talks often of the trust that he had put into his brother and how he should have known better than to trust in him. He talks often of the fact that if it had not been for him loaning his brother money, the brother and his wife would not have been able to get married. My dad gave them $900 a lifetime ago and the brother has yet to pay my father back. Dad shouldn’t have paid them to get married…They should have had to struggle for what they wanted. However, since they obviously didn’t want to pay it back, perhaps they aren’t as happy as they pretend??? LOL I don’t know…Perhaps the brother should have asked the sister for money…She has taken more than enough trips down the aisle. She probably knows by now how to do it for free. I think there has been like 7-8 marriages under her belt????and her daughter isn’t much better from what I’ve heard. oh well, those are stories for another day…

My Dad Jack ParkinsonFor today, I want to talk about the picture I’m adding. It was taken last Aug. 2015. My dad was sent to the hospital with massive kidney/urinary issues.  His bladder was holding water and they had to help him relieve himself. He was talking crazy things just 24 hours before this photo was taken. I was so happy to see his smile that day. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of him. He was instantly better, though a cath was necessary for a couple days. Because of that, I sent him to a nursing home for care. During his first couple days in the home, I got a message from his sister. Her daughter wanted to talk about buying dad out again. I told my dad about it, but he said that they could go “F” themselves. He wasn’t selling out to them. Especially not with the way they talked to me in a few messages that he saw. He wanted me to have the land….he walked away from the highest offer to date….$60,000 for his land. His niece made the offer. Now, my dad has lost the land and didn’t get a dime. Do you think that is fair? Not to mention, my dad may lose his SSI income, his medicaid, and more if we do not get it back soon. He has also lost his rights to be cared for in a nursing home facility. Why? because in the eyes of the government, he gave his property away when he should have asked for money and sold out. They feel if he has the money to give his home away, then he shouldn’t need healthcare or additional help from the government. This has all been told to us through lawyers. That is why we cannot give up the fight. His brother sentenced him to death and they do not care. My dad cooks his own meals, when he can, instead of me cooking for him nightly. He may lose his discounted medication and the possibility of nursing home care when it is needed again. All because of the greed of his brother…so that his brother can drive a new vehicle and pretend that he is the better, smarter man, for it. I am not sure if it is a moral deficiency between him and his wife or an issue with the state laws. I HOPE to battle both and I will do so if I can gain enough support from my readers.