A Truly Bad Day for Jack

The more I think about my dad today, the madder I get with his family. Today, I literally watched my dad attempt to stand up and give up doing so after crawling around on the floor for a while. The proud man that he is wouldn’t let me attempt to really help him. It hurts to see him like that. How is he supposed to be a threat if he is unable to stand up on his own? It hurts my heart. He was so excited to go home after the hospital. He could have stayed in rehab longer, but he wanted to go home. He wanted to return to my mom. He did so on the 6th and on the 7th his brother came up and started shit, on the 9th the land owner sent out an eviction notice and on the 16th my dad picked it up. 10 days. That’s all they allowed him to be peacefully at home for.

He has home nurses coming in. They are trying to get him strong enough to walk, but so far; he hasn’t been at it long enough. He is dying already…and wants to plan to pack up, but still, has nowhere to go. One of the social workers came to see him today. That could prove to be a positive step. The social worker was upset over what was being done to my dad…he has told my dad that he will try to help him. Isn’t it funny that his home nurse social worker can say this is some stupid, cruel stuff; but the social worker in my dad’s family is part of the reason all this is happening to my dad? What would she do if someone hurt her mom? Perhaps she would laugh at her own mom having to suffer…would not surprise me.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring. Dad is sitting around his house trying to figure out what to take and what he can leave. Can you imagine spending 30 years of your life building a home for yourself and then having your family take it away from you? Them telling you that you do not belong there? That your things are of no value to them? That your life is of no value to them because they want to bulldoze everything? I am Jack Parkinson’s daughter. I am watching it happen to him; but I still cannot fathom what he must be feeling knowing that the niece nurse who he gave a car to when she was younger, the sister who he purchased the land from, and the brother that he trusted completely have all teamed up to kill him.

Today was a day of reflection for my dad. He has so much pain inside and he is overflowing with it. He has given up his hopes. The life is gone from his eyes. The fire that should be in them is gone. He wishes me luck on my website, but he feels it is useless. I pray that we can prove him wrong. Make my website a success. Please.

I Believe the Worst Is Coming for My Dad

Saturday a week ago, the day after my dad got out of the hospital; his brother came up to the house and started in on my dad. It ended ugly. Shouldn’t surprise any of you if you were reading while my dad was in the hospital. They have also re-diagnosed him since then as not only a dementia patient, but someone with bipolar disorder, depression, and more. We have been bouncing between doctors all week, and they want to do a thorough neurology scan soon. They are also worried he may have lung cancer and who knows what else may be going on.

This past Friday, I checked the mail as I left my dads house and he has a certified piece of mail. He has to sign to get it. I had to do the same thing when his brother had me evicted. I am worried that because good ‘ole bro challenged his son and my father, which I have on video, that they are going to evict my dad from the only home he has had since 1987. I truly would rather his family come after him with stones, sticks, and pocket knives that measure an inch long,  as opposed to ending his life the way they are doing him. If it is an eviction notice; they are taking him away from what little he has left in this world amid health issues and so much more. These people who claim to be Christians, Jehovah’s, and more.  Can you believe the cruelty of family? I swear on the life I have left to live; the US government and every human being breathing oxygen will know what flesh and blood will do to the elderly people in their lives. Videos will be on youtube, website will become more advertised, and I’ll spend the rest of my life telling Jack Parkinson’s story. An eviction notice will tip the scales and it will be game over.

Stop Elderly AbuseI’m sick and tired of those people putting me down, looking down their nose at me. I am above and beyond a better person than all of them. I would NEVER treat anyone the way they do my father. I would NEVER look down my nose at an elderly person and take the things that they have. I could have. I could have easily taken the land from my dad years ago, but his one pride was remaining a landowner until the day he died. It was his wish. It was his prayer that he would be allowed to remain a man who had built his life on the land he loved and to be buried in the cemetery where he put his wife’s ashes. His family took his land. His family took his dreams. And now I fear that his family will take his dying wishes as well.

Not a Merry Christmas

Once again, it has been a while since I posted anything. I’ve honestly been unsure of what to say. My dad threatened to end his life just before thanksgiving by eating rat bait once he killed the dogs off. The next night he called the hospital because he said he was having stomach pains. He had fallen and felt that he may have ruptured a spleen or something. They discovered his heart issues and transferred him to St. Vincent’s hospital in Jacksonville. Excellent hospital. He was in ICU for a week. They had to build him up before they could do the surgery. On November 29, 2016, he had triple bypass surgery. It was hell to see him hooked up to a ventilator, but I must say it was easier to see him on it than when my mom was on it damn near 5 years ago to the day. That’s unreal to me…Then, we get beyond the surgery, but my dad has lost the ability to speak and he cannot swallow anything. They talk about feeding tubes and such, which is bad, he wouldn’t have wanted to live that way.
Finally, we get beyond that only for his dementia to start getting worse, right about the time that we were trying to get him admitted to a rehab facility. He starts striking out at his nurses. He attempted to hit a few of them, so they restrained him. They couldn’t send him to a home while he was being violent…so that delayed him starting rehab by another week.
We once again start making forward progress, they untie him and he calms down. He still couldn’t talk right, but the doctors thought it was the way he was normally. They shipped him to rehab on like the 16th of Dec. My dad immediately lost his mind again. He started being a little combative and wasn’t willing to stay in his room without a sitter to sit with him at all times. On Saturday he began telling me to get him out of there. I told him we would have to wait until Monday before I could make other arrangements and perhaps move him to another home that he would like better; one in Georgia that he had been to before. He said Ok. The rehab place called me Monday morning at 2 am. They said he was being more combative, but they were going to give him meds to calm him down. I said that was fine. At 4 am I called them back and they said he was sleeping peacefully. I explained I couldn’t make it down that day unless necessary because of other things that I had to do. They said that was fine. They would call me if they needed me to come down.
At about 6 pm on Dec 19, they called to say that my dad had broken vases and was threatening to cut them so they called the law and he was going to be transported to the hospital immediately. I can’t get him into the home up here in Ga while he is being combative there. On Tuesday his nephew went to see him, because once again I couldn’t make it…My son was doing his semester finals. Dad wasn’t able to speak. I went to see him on Wed and he was still unable to speak in words that you could understand, he was combative, and had no idea who I was. He just kept asking to speak to his daughter and sometimes he asked to speak with his wife.
Thursday I went down again, with no improvement. Friday and Saturday I just called to check in. The nurse sitter let us speak to him on Saturday. You couldn’t understand anything he said, except, “They are trying to kill me.” And “they have me in prison and I haven’t done anything wrong”. I felt horrible for him.
Today, Dec. 25, I went to see him. I wanted to spend Christmas day with him. He was talking in words that I could understand. He was laughing some and joking. He wants to build an expansion on his home so that I can go back to his house and live with him. He doesn’t understand that he cannot build on property that he doesn’t own, but he wants me to be back home with him. His sister also contacted me, demanding to know where he is, saying that they have fond memories of him and love in their heart for him. I told him, he said he didn’t want them to know where he is because they screwed him over. He says not telling them is payback for the way they screwed him over. Then he said some stuff that I won’t repeat through here. LOL.
I wish that I could take back what his family has done to him. If they had not stolen his property and removed me from the premises, he could be home now and not sitting in a rehab facility or a hospital going crazy. He fears that if he doesn’t get home soon, they will burn his home down or something. I don’t like having hate in my heart for anyone, but I can honestly say that I hate the family he is a part of. Even more so because for the first time since 1987, there were no Christmas lights inside of my mom’s house. Her most favorite time of the year was Christmas. 5 years ago, she begged doctors to let her go home so that she could spend Christmas at home. She told them she would go back if they just let her go home for a day. They did let her go home and she didn’t live to see the next Christmas. Since that year, I have put a tree in the living room window where she took her final breath. I put it there even the first Christmas after she passed, even though I wasn’t living in her home at that time. This year, there was nothing but darkness in her window. No laughter and joy in her home.
The first Christmas that I was living in her home, after she passed away…which was the second Christmas without her, I made a Facebook post to her. It Said, “I know a lot of people are missing someone special. I know I do…daily…but especially at Christmas time…and especially this year…Pat Parkinson will never be forgotten…and I am honored to be in her home filling it with laughter and memories over the Christmas holiday for her. It was her most favorite holiday. Merry Christmas Mom.” It is not fair that my dad and I lost her and we cannot even celebrate her favorite holidays in her home. It makes me sad and it hurts my heart in a way that no one will ever understand. Especially not those who took it away from a man with dementia because they were greedy.

Hard Times Upon Us…Will It Ever End?

Well…It has been a while since I’ve written and it is with good reason. ON Saturday the 19th of Nov. I went to visit with my dad. He informed me that he was off his medication cause he didn’t feel he needed it. He said he had nothing left to live for now that the family had taken his land. He began talking about wanting to end his life. He didn’t want to be a part of the family that he was born into any longer and said that the only way he could get out of it was to end his life….but he couldn’t as me to buy a gun for him to do it, since that would ultimately make me an accomplice and he didn’t want me to go to jail because of him deciding to end his own life. I got very upset over it. I told him that I didn’t want him to do that because I couldn’t handle another death on top of losing Noah Brain. (my grandbaby who was born too early). He said he was going to feed the dogs rat poison and then he may consider taking it himself. I told him that was going to be a horrible way to go and I felt he didn’t need to consider it or speak of it. I considered calling someone for help, but also kind of figured it was just a bad day for him and decided that I would check in on him the next day to find out if his mood had changed or not. Especially after he flew off the handle at my 6-year-old. I could tell it was a lack of medication that made him talk crazy. He was off the same medication when his brother convinced him to give up the land. Dad started saying that my son was a sorry child and was totally worthless as far as a human being goes. He said a lot of very hurtful things that my son still hasn’t yet forgiven him for. Along with all this, my dad said that I am a sorry human being for bringing a child as horrible as Zach into it. Needless to say, when my dad said that Zach was no longer welcome inside of his house, I got my son out of there. I had several friends of mine check on my dad the next morning. I have seen these spells too many times. I knew he didn’t need to be left alone, but again, he was talking the same way when his brother took his property. I knew he would be okay until the next day, and then the next day, someone would be able to talk him down from the edge. I knew it wasn’t going to be something I could do. He went to dinner the next day with a friend of his, because I asked them to check in on him. My dad didn’t remember going to eat at their house Sunday evening.

Then, my dad went to the ER on November 20, 2016. I didn’t find out about it until the next day, because he knew that he had upset me but he still doesn’t remember the things that were said. The Nurses called me at noon on Monday saying that he was in the hospital and about to be transferred to Jacksonville, Florida. I immediately went to the hospital in Brunswick to find out what the heck had happened. Dad called the ambulance because his stomach was hurting. My first thought was that he had maybe taken rat bait, but it didn’t show up in any of their tests…thank God. However, they were going to send him to St. Vincent’s in Jax because they found a major issue with his heart.  When he left to go to Jacksonville, I went out to his house to make sure that everything there was okay.

The rat bait was gone. An empty bag in the trashcan still has me mildly concerned, but I will always have to hope that he didn’t try to do himself in. Facing heart surgery, he still says that he has nothing to live for. He says he is tired of living in the prison that they have doomed him to live in. His brother and sister were told about his health condition. They decided to call him up. He told the nurse he didn’t wish to speak with them. So when they moved him to a private room instead of ICU, they got his room number and line. Dad told me he hung up on his sister when she was spouting words of love to him. I sent his sister a message telling her to leave him alone. That he does not wish to talk to any of them, and when facing open heart surgery, they need to leave him be. I told her that he is fighting for his life and doesn’t need the stress. She called me a cry baby. Then she called me a liar. I’m trying to get dad to stop talking about them. He is going to have open heart surgery tomorrow…All week that he has been in the hospital he has talked about wanting to fight them and wanting to hurt the family that hurt him. His nurses have heard all about what the family has done to him. I’ve heard it from nurses and I’ve heard it from his own mouth. Why does the family want to stress him out so much more by not respecting his wishes? It doesn’t make sense. They have taken everything from him. Why must they try to stress him out and take what life he has left? He doesn’t need to go into surgery with negative thoughts and hating the life that they have doomed him to. He gets wound up on it and I tell him that there is time to deal with that later. I tell him to focus on getting through surgery and then he can deal with the family. But that only works until they try to contact him, AGAIN.

I will NEVER understand the family that I was born into. They all claim to be Christians and Jehovah’s, but they lack common sense or decency. WHY? I pray for karma to soon take them by the hand. I hope in their final days they glimpse what they have done to my dad. They make me sick to my stomach and if I could wash their blood from my veins I would.

An Angel Was Lost

Angel BabyOkay. So this post isn’t about my father exactly, but it is in a roundabout way.  The girl is the photo is my daughter, who lost her home the same day that mine was taken. The people who took it and removed me from the property knew that she was pregnant. On November 12, 2016, her angel baby, Noah Brian, was delivered. He came too soon from her body. It comes after an entire pregnancy where she didn’t have the food that her body needed. She wanted to come home with me. She begged me on many occasions to give her a place to live, where she would be able to eat consistently. I would buy her the food that I could and I did give her the opportunity to stay where I am living, but with where I live, she couldn’t stay. There was no room for all of us and no way for her fiance to stay with me. I went from a 4 bedroom home to a two bedroom home. In my 4 bedroom, I had only myself, my son, and my grandson. In the 2 bedroom home, we added another person as it is, by living with a cousin in his home. Where my daughter lives, I could not feed them all and to help her, I would have had to. They go to bed without food some nights and she often said she would go days without eating. My grandson Noah paid the price for it. Had I been able to stay in my home, she could have stayed with me. Even my father would have preferred for her to be where she could eat.

Now, my father wants us to bury Noah with my mom’s ashes. He has a big heart and it is his great grandchild being cremated. He wants him to be put with my mom’s ashes so that he will never be alone. However, my daughter nor I want him angel babyput there. I’d love for him to be placed with my mom, but not on the land that was stolen. Already we must face the fact that my mom’s memorial site will never be accessible to me once my father is gone. Why would I put my grandson in an area
that will be inaccessible to me as well? My heart aches bad enough knowing that I cannot move my mom to a place that is unsullied by the devils who now own it. I do not see how it is fair that those people can purchase a memorial site where her ashes are and her tombstone is placed. How they can block me from a memorial space where her ashes are and I know that they will. It is a place that they will keep me away from the first chance they get, because they claim ownership of her land and her soul as it is. I’ve lost the soul and ashes of one person and my dad still cannot comprehend why I will not put my grandson there. He tells me that they cannot take that away from me, but they have. And they celebrate my loss. The “GOOD” people that they all pretend to be.

The Destruction of Private Property

Once again I am left to wonder, “How far can you push someone until you have pushed too far”. My dad’s brother was hassling my dad yesterday. My dad being ticked off already decided to hassle back this morning. The truck that was moved yesterday was put back into its spot this morning. My dad’s brother latched onto it with his backhoe and pulled it away from the driveway. My dad put it back and chained it to a tree that was approximately 10ft away. His brother grabbed onto it again and yanked. When the truck didn’t move, he pulled again, lifting the truck off the ground. The chain snapped and so did the sway bar and mount. The driveway in question is thin both before and after the spot by that tree. At that point, the driveway curves out toward the tree and up to approximately 30ft wide. Why is it wider in that area? I think it was done just to hurt my dad and prove that they can do it. So that they can hammer in further that they have the rights over his property.

Anyway…with the truck messed up, the law was called. His brother broke the law by putting his hands on it without a policeman there or calling in a tow truck to do it for him. Even when you evict someone, if you choose to go inside the home and remove that person’s possessions, you have to have a policeman there to “chaperone”. The brother took the law into his own hands. My dad threatened to punch him in front of the policeman. The policeman said, “No you won’t” but I do think the police officer understood the frustration that my dad was feeling. Jack Parkinson was sober today as he had been yesterday, though I am quite certain that his brother claims otherwise. Actually, I know it for a fact since he said it on the video from yesterday. They are calling him crazy and drunk. What they do not realize is that they took everything that he valued and then threaten to destroy it. It would drive anyone crazy to have that happen to them. It would destroy anyone who spent their life working to build a home for himself and his family, only to have it taken from him. An entire life’s work is erased by someone and you are told to enjoy it. The verbal agreement he made with his brother in trust was not to have his brother keep the land. And yet, because he trusted a crook, he has to watch everything be taken away. It is more than him losing a home though. It goes much deeper when you consider the fact that he placed my mom’s ashes on the property that she loved. He built a memorial stone for her on the property that they built together. All of her is there. He grieves for her so deeply still and he is losing her all over again. That is enough to destroy anyone. It is enough to drive a person insane and I am unfortunate enough to have to watch my father go through hell on earth.

The Sadness Doesn’t End

Today the topic of conversation around dads and a few other Meridian/Darien residents was the two faced people we use to consider family. The disabled veteran that they are removing from the property is disgusted by the people who are putting him out of his only home. My dad’s brother swore he could stay as long as he wanted and then served him with an eviction. We chuckled over the fact that Neither of us would want the good nurse to be our nurse or her husband if he is a doctor to be our doctor. We agree that it would be hard telling what they would steal if they were “helping” a patient. Bill says just let him die if that is the best the South Eastern Georgia health system has to offer. I have to wonder because I THINK she was a home nurse to elderly patients for a while…I wonder how many of them had things taken from them, especially those who, like my father, have pre-existing mental issues. It still sickens me that they would put out a man in Bills condition. He is a man who fought his way through wars for this country and they dismiss him. How is that the state of Georgia allows them to pretend they care about people?

My dad and I talked more. He feels horrible because, in essence, they stole mom. They took her cemetery away from us both. He says it makes him sick. He wants to work on his home, the storm tore up his screens on his screened in porch, but he feels he shouldn’t try to do what he wants to do because of them. My dad is upset almost to tears because he knows that soon he will watch them destroy the home that he and my mom built. He wishes they would let him tear it down. He says he would save the wood and find a new piece of land for himself to build a home. Then he would be out of their hair. It is pitiful that he would then have to leave what little he has left of my mom. One day these people are going to kill him. He is going to grieve himself to death simply because he chose to trust in the people he called family. The family that was determined to screw him over and hurt him the biggest way that they could. I have faith in only one thing…God knows what they have done and justice will come to them all. I’d sell myself to the devil if I could make it happen before they stole the life that my dad has left to him.

More lawyers will be consulted this week. As well as more letters to the government. Sooner or later, I’ll make the right connection or I will die trying.

After the Storm

Well, Hurricane Mathew came and went. It didn’t damage the houses that I had hoped it would, but luckily my dad and I made it through ok. I do find it funny that his brother never came to see if he was okay. It sounded like they had a generator down at their house and they couldn’t be bothered to bring dad a glass of water after tricking him into signing his property over. I cannot prove that they have a generator, but there was a lot of noise there when everyone else’s power was out for 3 days. I guess the new homeowner, whatever they pretend to be, asked dad how he was because he walked outside. They also knew he didn’t have power, but being the good nurse and doctor that they are (least I THINK he is something like that, but I wouldn’t want his hands on me. Never know what body parts doctors who take land in the way that he did, would take).

Anyway, they didn’t offer dad a glass of water, a piece of bread, or anything else. Once the city of Darien allowed people to come in, I drove to help him out. 40 minutes from where I’m staying to his house to fill up buckets from the pond so that he could flush a toilet. I took him to get water from a store and some sausages that he could put on ice. Yet they say that I was a horrible caregiver????? They are the pitiful people who take and only take from someone. I guess that those 4 people steal and deceive to compensate for a lack of satisfaction with their own selves. They compensate for a lack of personality or something. The nurse and doctor should know that a person with diagnosed dementia, a UTI infection, and off his Wellbutrin because he suddenly decided they were making him sick, cannot make decisions about their property. They simply don’t care. It’s great though cause when the lawyer decides to proceed on it all, they will find out that they don’t own the home that they have been mowing or destroying. They are letting my mom’s house rot for their own pitiful greed…

OH well. I’m kinda glad they choose to write dad off. If they took food to him, they would likely poison him to get rid of him faster. They eliminated me, the only help that he depended on and they are trying to eliminate a disabled American veteran who he now asks for some help from. My dad talks nonstop about his dad and how he knows his dad would not have approved of what they did to him. I’m not sure how they all sleep at night. They have all benefitted from my dad’s kindness in the past. He bought the nurse a car and he has helped his brother out numerous times. The simple fact he helped his brother marry his wife by giving the money to them to do it says my dad was very giving. My dad sold his brother a car once, the brother paid half and then “forgot” to pay the rest. My dad’s father told him to repo it, so my dad did. Then he sold the car for $25. LOL That was back many years ago…but my dad has tried to be a brother to his brother…and then his brother treats him like this???? I’ll never understand it.

Just a Rant

My father had his second eye surgery. His brother saw him when he got out of my car and ignored him. It is crazy. You would think that his brother would care since he stole everything that my dad worked his life to build and then sold it to someone who wants to erase it with a bulldozer. I don’t understand it. I cannot wrap my mind around it. But my dad and I both are more determined than ever to fight against it. Even if the house ends up getting bulldozed, my dad and I will still fight against these people. What would they do if someone came along and bulldozed their house? How would they feel knowing that everything they spent their life working for was erased by someone who didn’t like them? The nurse would probably say oh well. Her mom, would probably do the same. I don’t know but I’m fairly certain home doesn’t mean anything to either of them. The one who has been married who knows how many times has probably changed homes with each one and the nurse…well, I just can’t fathom that home matters. But my dad’s brother has lived in his house for as far back as I can remember. What would they do? How would they feel if someone wiped it out? Maybe the storm that is coming up the coast will do it. Turnabout is fair play after all. Don’t you agree?

I don’t know. I will never understand the world we live in. I am still sickened by the Brunswick nurse saying what she did on FB. How can someone write about the weak minded when she knows that she wouldn’t have the land her husband owns without someone stealing it from a weak minded man who was screwed up on medications? She tried for 4 years to buy it from him and when he kept saying no, they found a way to take it. He didn’t get a dime in his pocket from the sell of his life’s work…he didn’t get food in his home after she cleaned out basic necessities like mayonnaise from his fridge. My dad lives on less money per month than they make in a week. They could have had any property they wanted. But when he didn’t sell… They took it. They don’t give him anything. A diagnosed dementia patient is someone they steal from. If you live in South East Ga, I pray you never meet the nurse.  My opinion is, she and hubby sees something they want and you have, but you don’t want to give up…they may take from you. Sad to say that about people in the medical field, but it is proof that you cannot trust anyone. Just watch out for anyone who name has the same initials as Bowel Movements. No, I honestly can’t say that….I imagine her first name isn’t the name that people call her at work. I know only the short version of it I think. Honestly never cared enough to find out for sure.

Illegal Activity in Meridian, Georgia

End Elderly Abuse

Wednesday the 19th of October was an interesting day that is also very ugly. The police will soon be involved in the situation with my dad. My dad bought and paid for a truck. After my mom passed, I put tag and insurance in my name. After my dad starting having medical issues that caused him to be confused, I took tag and insurance off the truck so that he would not be able to drive it. It is also a truck that doesn’t run and hasn’t been off the property in over a year. My dad’s brother had someone run the tag on it to find out that the truck was mine. He is saying it is an abandoned vehicle and is threatening to have “MY” truck towed off. I personally told everyone a long time ago that if that person suspected it was mine, it would be towed. No one thought that he would find out, but by his own admission, on video, he says he had the tag ran to see who it belonged to. This is an illegal action. The DMV says that no person except law enforcement has the right to run a tag number and no law enforcement officer has the right to go onto a person’s property to run the tag number. By having the tag ran, my uncle broke the law and if I am able to find out the officer who ran it on the computer, Both people will be in trouble.

My dad’s brother USE TO run a wrecker service in McIntosh county. He has connections to the police department and friends there as well. It is on video that he ran my tag. They are doing illegal things. Not only did the lady at the DMV says it was illegal, but you can look it up on google and no one has the right to do what he did. I plan to speak with a lawyer about this as well as go to the police department to see when my tag was last run. What I am HOPING is that it was run within the last year, after my dad parked the truck for good,  I also want to explore my option to say it was an invasion of my privacy, which it was.

Now, my dad’s brother is also threatening my dad, after saying to a judge, a lawyer, and another family member that he is about to be evicted by the new landowner. The same people who are kicking the disabled American Veteran out. My dad kept telling his brother to get off his property and his brother kept saying you can’t tell me to leave, you don’t own it. It’s not your property. Theoretically, it is true, but it is also harassment. They are going to tell my dad that he has to clean up the property. They no longer want his lawn mowers and tools to be on the property. But his brother stated in writing twice that my dad would be allowed to live there for the rest of his life.

The NURSE and her husband are also saying that if I reveal their names on the internet, they will sue me. To me, that sounds like they know they are stealing my father’s land and worried that I am slandering them. The truth is, though, as long as I speak truth, I can put this stuff on the internet and I could even put their names if I wanted to. It is only defamation of character, libel, or slanderous if I am making things up that cannot be proven. I can prove the things I say. I choose to keep their names off it because I choose to not push my luck, but I know for a fact I’m not doing anything wrong. They are. They are the people breaking laws. They are the people stealing from Jack Parkinson.