Dad’s Home! Then Comes More Drama…Not a Surprise

My dad came home from rehab on Friday. It was good to have him home…I’m glad there are no more trips to Jacksonville. LOL HOWEVER…I knew when he did go home there would be stuff from his side of the family tree, and I was NOT wrong. I had told dad yesterday that he would probably have to deal with his brother…and I was right…I was only planning to call my dad today…but he didn’t answer his phones when I tried. I got worried and went to go check on him. I get there and his brother is there. At first, his brother was trying to justify why he had taken the law into his own hands with the truck (remember when he damaged the truck that belonged to my dad?). Then he starts justifying why he took my dad’s property.

He still adamantly states that my dad willingly signed it over…he swears that they had to wait a week before signing the quit deed. He swears dad didn’t tell me about it, but said he had told Allen about it and that Allen would tell me instead. His brother is talking in circles the whole time saying that he got the property, he sold the property, but he was going to buy it back, but then he says he never sold it. LOL He was trying to confuse things. I eventually ask him, so if you get the property back and dad offers to pay you for it, will you give it back to him. He says NO after about the 10th time I asked. I asked him why. He said because he wasn’t going to let me get married to Allen and move Allen in. Now, I am legally married…I have a husband a son in Florida. How am I going to get married to someone else? LOL. I am not a bigamist nor am I someone who practices the old Mormon ways. (not that I have anything against people who enjoy that lifestyle, but I have enough dad issues, I don’t need more men issues. LOL.

It gets even better when that man says that my dad drinking was not something I should allow him to do. (My dad had a friend of his take him to purchase a bottle this morning before I got there, which is why he didn’t answer the phone). I pointed out to the flea speck that they put me off the property so that I cannot control what my dad does anymore. He shrugged and gave his cheesy half assed grin. We asked him how he would feel if he was a dementia patient and someone stole what he had worked his life to have…he refused to answer. He said only that it wouldn’t happen to him. Dad was getting irritated…he got belligerent. Allen was there and upon the speck mentioning how he was afraid to fight him or something, Allen stood up and said let’s go. The speck said, “On my property you want to fight?” Allen said the road, state’s property. The speck ran out the door.

Like 4 hours later, the police show up. I had just finished cooking my dad some pork ribs and beans like he wanted for dinner. I didn’t trust him to stand at the stove and cook.  The police were saying there was fighting at the house and threats were being made and that some guy from Waynesville had called it in saying it was his property. The speck claimed it was his and then some guy from another county claimed it was his a few hours later. I told the cops what had happened. I told them about the speck being inside of my dad’s house a day after he got out of rehab. The cops took my name and number, but they laughed it off. Didn’t even go talk to the speck about it, though I pointed to his house.

I went back inside to tell dad what the cops were doing in his yard. He was still eating and he got choked on his food. He couldn’t get his breath at all. His face started changing colors and I ran outside to catch the cops before they could leave. Luckily dad got the food unstuck from his throat before the cop had to help him…but it was terrifying. If my dad falls or chokes on his food and ends up dying because of it. I will place all blame on his brother, the brother’s wife, the nurse, and her thing. I will also hold my dad’s sister to blame because she is allowing her daughter to take my dad’s land. One day I truly need to post the texts that they have all sent to be before and since stealing my dad’s land. They are snakes who pretended to be human until they got what they wanted. I PRAY that karma comes to visit them all.

I videoed everything that was said from the time I got to the house and the speck left it. I would post it here so everyone could see the snake for what he is…He is a manipulative liar…but for legal reasons, I’ve been told to keep names and faces of the snakes off here. Their day is coming and everyone will know…

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