Disgrace to My Parents in Every Way

So anyway…I’ve spoken a lot of my parents in this blog. It is, after all, a blog and web pages devoted to them. I cherish my mom’s memories and I cherish the life that they had together. One of the worst parts of all of this, for me, is seeing how the family my dad trusted disregard him in every sense of the word. They stole everything he valued and they do not give him anything for his trouble. He didn’t play nice to them after they screwed him over. Imagine that. Everyone that I have told in McIntosh county all say the same thing….”They did that to him???” Why?” I have told people that claim they are personal friends of my father’s brother and his wife. They are shocked by the cold-hearted way in which my father has been done. I can only pray that those two people lose their ability to walk with their head held high in Darien. LOL

Pink Rpses

My dad built this for my mom when she passed away. Each year I am amazed by how beautiful his roses are. She is the one who planted those roses, but she never could get them to do anything. She had them planted in another place on the property. After she died, my dad moved them to where he began living in his “apartment” as he calls it, though it is actually the home he was born and raised in. The roses, with his care, have flourished. Her urn sits on his dining room table so that she can see the roses.  I think it is a sweet gesture for him to keep her there.

2015-05-12-07-54-38I’ve also put my own hand in her memorial. After all, my dad put her ashes into the flower bed and I feel that is probably why they grow so well. Her touch is there…even if she is not. I cannot begin to tell you how long it took me to engrave into a stone. LOL. It is something I never want to do again, but one day I know that I should since my father wants his ashes to mix with hers in the rose bed. The sad part is, with the land gone to someone else, I will not have the legal right to put his name or his ashes with her. That is wrong of the people who now hold the title. It is also insane that they disrespect the world my parents created. They leave my mom’s home open 24/7. The front door has not been closed in months. Not even when we had a tropical storm coming across us. My parents worked for 30 years to build a home that they are going to let rot. Rains go inside that door easily. I know. Mom put a large covered area Pink Rosesover the door and still complained over winds blowing rain in…and because I lived there as the homeowner, caretaker of it for 4 years….I had rain flood it more than once. Each time it flooded, I was there cleaning it up. They let it rot. The good doctor, his stinky faced wife the nurse, and the people who lied to a sick man to get his property.

I wish that one day someone would be able to explain why they are doing this to my father, my children, my grandchild, and myself. Why are they so happy to destroy what we all loved? What my mom loved? 

I have video of the social worker wife telling me that I was horrible and my mom disliked me because when she was sick, I went to a friends house and told my mom a white lie to go there. She says I was horrible because 6 times in 7 months, mom had her drive by the other person’s house. It is kind of funny that she would say that…My rowdy toddler and I stopped staying at my mom’s house when she was ill because chemo and radiation didn’tDream of Jennie make it easy on mom and my son was driving her nuts. Then my daughter moved to be with me and that was more than my mom could handle. Mom and I got into a fight over it and I moved out to stay with my friend after my mom had been home from the hospital only a month. Mom knew where I was living, so I had no reason to hide it from her. It was something they used to keep my dad upset with me. I guess that is why they want to make my family suffer.I’m going to soon upload video that shows my dad’s brother lying to my dad a year ago. Problem is it shows faces of him and the social worker, so I have to figure out how to block the images of their face. Though I honestly would LOVE to show you who they are so that if you ever cross paths with them, you can give them the shame on you fingers.

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