Facing Our Future

Elder Abuse

Well, it has once again been a while. I wasn’t sure what to say about the court date that we had. I’m still not real sure. LOL My dad’s brother didn’t show up, but I did. Therefore, we got a continuance and time to find a replacement lawyer, which I am working on. I should have another court date in the near future to get a continuance with the case involving my dad’s niece. Beyond that, life is insanely busy. I am working harder than ever building websites constantly. It is making it so that I neglect this one, but the money is kind of nice to have considering the hearings that will be coming soon. 🙂

Never Give Up

One thing I have to tell others is “never give up”. If you feel that there is an elder abuse situation staring you in the face, fight it with all that you can. I recently found another website that is devoted to ending elder abuse. It has a lot to say about the topic that I’ve been dealing with for nearly two years now. It gives you perspective when you see that you are not the only one struggling to get beyond the pain of financial elder abuse and other types of pain that our loved ones deal with daily.

Staying Straight

Keeping your eye on the price is vital to everything I do right now. I’m working hard to get ahead so that I can pay a new lawyer to represent us the way that my dad should have been represented all along. Part of this includes paying off old bills so that I can get money saved up. No one but me is going to fight this battle, so I have to keep focused on what comes next. It isn’t always easy to do, but determination will see me through on it. I’ll do it for Jack Parkinson, Patricia Parkinson, myself, and my three wonderful, beautiful, children. They are the ones who did not ask to be hurt by an evil family. They should have been allowed to hold their memories and have it be a part of their future.

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