Good News, Bad News….It Goes Hand in Hand

End Elderly Abuse

Well, today I got some great news, but it was followed by bad, as are all things in this situation. The lawyer called me to say that we have a court date set. Around about the first anniversary of dad’s passing. However, he is concerned about it costing a small fortune to get to the pretrial. Wants to meet up and make sure that I have an understanding of what I can and cannot afford. Therefore, as much as I hate the idea of it…I’m hoping that anyone who is reading this will help me out. I’ve created a gofundme request…I hate the idea of it, because I do not want to make money off my dad’s pain, but I need to fight for him. My parents memories are on the property that they both lived and died on. If you are able, could you please consider helping me out a little?

You can find the gofundme by clicking here. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Love you all!

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