Good News from Adult Protective Services

End Elderly Abuse

Today was a big day around dad’s house. Adult protective services came in to speak with us. She told me, even more, things that I was unaware of and I say that things are about to go very well for my dad. Every day is a learning experience. The legal system is a fucked-up web and I’m about to start weaving. I personally cannot wait to see what more I find out Monday. It is time to play pin the tail on the donkey…I have about 4 of them that I’m going to tag.

What Happens Next in My Fight Against Elderly Abuse?

If dad’s family was a wiser group of people, they would back out…and do what is right for my dad, but for some reason, I don’t think they are as wise as they pretend to be. That is okay, though…Means more fun for me. I will write more about the potential success stories as this goes along…but for now, I’m not going to spill any of dad’s potential beans. All I’m going to say is—the validity of this entire situation is about to be discovered. I can potentially jerk it out from under all of them, just by snapping my fingers and bringing up the right point to the right person…And adult protective services is the one who will ensure that I have that contact…NOW. Maybe there is hope for the elderly after all…

I know my facts…I think I know more than the Brainiac’s who pretend they are better than my dad and me. They forgot to cross a few “T”s and dot a few “I”s. They think they got enough money to keep what belongs to my dad…With the case building as it is right now…money will not help them. Dad’s brother’s statements on video, his wife’s admissions on video about overdosing my dad on blood pressure medication because she cannot read, and the many lies that have been revealed are all going to bite them in the arse.

Perhaps one day I’ll thank them for being warped souls…No…not likely. Perhaps the nurse should have gone to law school rather than nursing school… The same could be said for those who spent their lives doing other things besides studying law. perhaps then, they wouldn’t have screwed over their own selves. Perhaps after all of this is done, I’ll go back to school and try to learn more about the law myself. I’ve already got a head start.

Casting Stones

Rumor has it, my aunt doesn’t hate me—but no one likes me. Rumor has it—my dad’s bro said once that I was smart. Rumor has it—–no…there are no more rumors…You screw with people and you are going to get screwed. Who cares if my dad

Jack Parkinson
My son, who they say doesn’t deserve the home my parents built for their future generations.

enjoys a drink? Least he has never stolen from his family. My little boy took his first steps in my parents’ home, with my mom watching, and was told that he doesn’t deserve to live there. My grandson was put out of the house by those people when he was 1 year old…My son was 6. They do not acknowledge my kids as anything. Who made them God? Who made them the judge and jury on others? My dad’s sister says I shouldn’t cast stones. What exactly is it that they do when they are saying that I am the worst thing to have ever happened to my dad? They stole his land and left him there to die after they removed me and my boys from the home. Today, I watched my dad choke on a drink and fall backward from his chair. I tried to catch him…it was a glass of tea…He has had trouble swallowing since his triple bypass and all they want to do is remove him from his home? Does his family care? They cast stones at me…I’m not the one calling the woman who married many, a woman of ill repute. I’m not the one claiming my kids are great when one drinks heavily and the other supports gay rights very effectively (I have no issue with that…I just don’t feel that their skeletons are any better or worse than mine). I’m not the one who waited til I was probably 40 to become a nurse so I could steal an uncle’s land claiming I’m good moral stock…I’m not the one who took women to my wife’s bed enough that they can describe her bedroom to other people. Okay, So I’ve had a few moral lapses…but good-ness…how much critism do I have to take from these people who think they are better than me?

I Am Jack Parkinson’s Daughter

I cheated on my husband. I had a little boy. I left my home in Florida and my other two children when my mom got sick. She was battling cancer…I moved in with the person I had had the affair with because I wanted to be close, but not drive my mom nuts with my kids. I moved out of that persons’ house and I moved into my parents’ house where I tried to work and survive. I busted my ass to live and support my son with $50-$75 a week for a very long time. I tried to take care of my dad and he fought me on most of the things I tried to get him to do. I wanted a real job, but I couldn’t afford child care while I was working. I began to write more. I survived hell living in that house…and I’m a better person for it. Then I was told to leave and in order to stay close to my dad, I did what I had to do knowing that I wouldn’t gain anything from it. Knowing that he had given away his soul to the devil, I still wanted to stay close to him. I considered moving back to Florida to be closer to my nearly grown son, but I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I left him in Ga alone. I promised my mom I’d take care of him once she was gone. I’m not going to break my promise to her…no matter what hell I have to survive to keep my word to her.

Are my morals a little screwy? Yeah. LOL, I’m far from saintly. I never claimed otherwise. I don’t lie or steal half as much as those who judge me do. I have a bank account that is impressive to me because I’ve been at rock bottom and I’m no longer there. For 3 years after I moved to Ga, I didn’t make enough to have a bank account. LOL. I still don’t have as much as those other people do. I wouldn’t want to have that much. If I did, I might feel entitled like they do and I’m not that person. I’ve never stolen anything…My dad says his brother accused me of it and convinced him of it. My dad removed me from his account for about a week when all this started. I was immediately put back on it when his medications got leveled out and sis in law wasn’t overdosing him. I’ve also never put two kids out of a home. I’ve never attempted to put an elderly man out on the street. They have told two elderly men to leave.

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