Hope for Jack Parkinson

End Elderly Abuse

Things are getting interesting where my dad is concerned. I cannot say much today because of a few things that are going on, but with any luck at all- we have found some help for my dad. Lord knows, Jack Parkinson deserves something good after the last year.

A Year of Elder Abuse by Family

It is hard to believe that it has been a year of pain for him. A year since he took himself off his medication and a year since he got in my face and things turned ugly. A year since I wrote his brother and wife a note asking them to leave him alone…Nearly that long since the quit deed was put in front of my dad as a contract….and he signed it thinking he would be able to pay off his loan to his brother. So many things have happened. He has cried so many tears. None of which did he deserve. He doesn’t deserve the eviction either…Not after they gave their word to a lawyer, a judge, and to other people that they did not wish him harm and that he would have a place for the rest of his life. I told them all nearly a year ago, to leave my dad alone and not to hurt him anymore than they had already. They still try…and they still succeed. One day it will stop…It has to.


He is my dad, we were not close until my mom got sick. But I’ve never met a man more deserving of kindness than he is… and it is devastating to see that his family has chosen to abuse him in so many ways. They are greedy and mean people. They are not my family anymore and I pray that my children and all of my future generations never hear their name after all of this is said and done. I wish that I could forget their names. Never see their faces. Never remember the pain that they have caused. But, I know that it is not possible for me to do that. I will have to remember, so that I can continue to speak out against the things that people are doing to our senior citizens.

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