I Believe the Worst Is Coming for My Dad

Saturday a week ago, the day after my dad got out of the hospital; his brother came up to the house and started in on my dad. It ended ugly. Shouldn’t surprise any of you if you were reading while my dad was in the hospital. They have also re-diagnosed him since then as not only a dementia patient, but someone with bipolar disorder, depression, and more. We have been bouncing between doctors all week, and they want to do a thorough neurology scan soon. They are also worried he may have lung cancer and who knows what else may be going on.

This past Friday, I checked the mail as I left my dads house and he has a certified piece of mail. He has to sign to get it. I had to do the same thing when his brother had me evicted. I am worried that because good ‘ole bro challenged his son and my father, which I have on video, that they are going to evict my dad from the only home he has had since 1987. I truly would rather his family come after him with stones, sticks, and pocket knives that measure an inch long,  as opposed to ending his life the way they are doing him. If it is an eviction notice; they are taking him away from what little he has left in this world amid health issues and so much more. These people who claim to be Christians, Jehovah’s, and more.  Can you believe the cruelty of family? I swear on the life I have left to live; the US government and every human being breathing oxygen will know what flesh and blood will do to the elderly people in their lives. Videos will be on youtube, website will become more advertised, and I’ll spend the rest of my life telling Jack Parkinson’s story. An eviction notice will tip the scales and it will be game over.

Stop Elderly AbuseI’m sick and tired of those people putting me down, looking down their nose at me. I am above and beyond a better person than all of them. I would NEVER treat anyone the way they do my father. I would NEVER look down my nose at an elderly person and take the things that they have. I could have. I could have easily taken the land from my dad years ago, but his one pride was remaining a landowner until the day he died. It was his wish. It was his prayer that he would be allowed to remain a man who had built his life on the land he loved and to be buried in the cemetery where he put his wife’s ashes. His family took his land. His family took his dreams. And now I fear that his family will take his dying wishes as well.

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