Illegal Activity in Meridian, Georgia

End Elderly Abuse

Wednesday the 19th of October was an interesting day that is also very ugly. The police will soon be involved in the situation with my dad. My dad bought and paid for a truck. After my mom passed, I put tag and insurance in my name. After my dad starting having medical issues that caused him to be confused, I took tag and insurance off the truck so that he would not be able to drive it. It is also a truck that doesn’t run and hasn’t been off the property in over a year. My dad’s brother had someone run the tag on it to find out that the truck was mine. He is saying it is an abandoned vehicle and is threatening to have “MY” truck towed off. I personally told everyone a long time ago that if that person suspected it was mine, it would be towed. No one thought that he would find out, but by his own admission, on video, he says he had the tag ran to see who it belonged to. This is an illegal action. The DMV says that no person except law enforcement has the right to run a tag number and no law enforcement officer has the right to go onto a person’s property to run the tag number. By having the tag ran, my uncle broke the law and if I am able to find out the officer who ran it on the computer, Both people will be in trouble.

My dad’s brother USE TO run a wrecker service in McIntosh county. He has connections to the police department and friends there as well. It is on video that he ran my tag. They are doing illegal things. Not only did the lady at the DMV says it was illegal, but you can look it up on google and no one has the right to do what he did. I plan to speak with a lawyer about this as well as go to the police department to see when my tag was last run. What I am HOPING is that it was run within the last year, after my dad parked the truck for good,  I also want to explore my option to say it was an invasion of my privacy, which it was.

Now, my dad’s brother is also threatening my dad, after saying to a judge, a lawyer, and another family member that he is about to be evicted by the new landowner. The same people who are kicking the disabled American Veteran out. My dad kept telling his brother to get off his property and his brother kept saying you can’t tell me to leave, you don’t own it. It’s not your property. Theoretically, it is true, but it is also harassment. They are going to tell my dad that he has to clean up the property. They no longer want his lawn mowers and tools to be on the property. But his brother stated in writing twice that my dad would be allowed to live there for the rest of his life.

The NURSE and her husband are also saying that if I reveal their names on the internet, they will sue me. To me, that sounds like they know they are stealing my father’s land and worried that I am slandering them. The truth is, though, as long as I speak truth, I can put this stuff on the internet and I could even put their names if I wanted to. It is only defamation of character, libel, or slanderous if I am making things up that cannot be proven. I can prove the things I say. I choose to keep their names off it because I choose to not push my luck, but I know for a fact I’m not doing anything wrong. They are. They are the people breaking laws. They are the people stealing from Jack Parkinson.

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