Jack Parkinson’s Story

End Elderly AbuseMy dad was born on July 5, 1945. He sometimes says he was a late pop or something similar. He has always had a good sense of humor. He grew up living in a nothing little town…worked hard all his life. He doesn’t yet understand where his future generations have gone wrong, but occasionally he will say that he is proud of the things I have done for myself in recent years; the years since my mom passed away. When I went from writing free stories to getting paid to write for websites and now, thanks to him, also trying to build my own website.

About Jack Parkinson

He has the ability to tell stories that would make a sailor blush. He has lived a full life and been married three times. His first two wives were not his soul mate and he does still talk about them, but his soul mate was found in Florida. My mom. They lived together and worked together for everything they had. They fought hard and loved harder. They did the best that they could with everything they owned and I never had the best of anything, but I knew that I was going to be warm and fed. We moved to Meridian, Georgia when I was 11 and a half. I hated it. It was hell on earth as far as I could tell, but it was the place my dad wanted to call home for the rest of his life. It was the land on which he was born. He still tells stories about walking through the woods around his house as a boy, hunting in trees. There are two trees close together in front of my parents’ home and in between them, there is a stick that is lodged. My dad put it there as a boy…and my mom planted flowers all around it as a tribute to his childhood, a memory that he had. Now, it is all at risk. All of his memories are about to be erased by his own family tree. His brother and his sister’s daughter are tearing it all away. They have already let the house my parents built rot. They have left it open during hurricanes and more.

Facing the Future

Because of what was done to my father, I am going to try to protect other elderly people from their families. I’ve already spoken to government officials. I have spoken to two senators and the governor. They have sympathy for the theft of my father’s property and I have support from them as well. They are attempting to help me defend my father, if nothing else than by advising me on where to go and who to ask for help. I’m not one who deals with politics much…I’ve always been under the idea that it was all BS and they were all liars…But now, I am forever grateful to them and pray that I can use my newfound profession as a web developer to make other people think about the family that they have in a new way. One that does not involve stealing their property by lying to them, stealing their food by throwing it away and not replacing it, overdosing them on medications to ensure they are too confused to know what is going on, and more.
Eventually, I will also post statistics that can back up my claims that it happens daily to someone in this twisted up world we live in. With the family members who are filled with hate running so rampant in our world…people like my father, Jack Parkinson, of Meridian, Ga. doesn’t need enemies. His brother and sister-in-law took advantage of a bad situation and profited off of it with a new car, though there is no proof that they sold my dad’s land; it’s a huge coincidence. They took the land my dad built his home on and have yet to even give my dad a thank you. When questioned about what happened to their original deal, the brother said only, “I changed my mind”. When my dad begged for them to not remove me and my son or grandson from our home, he was told I don’t want to, but I have to…I guess his wife was telling him to do so…We know who wears the pants there I guess. They lied to my father, they lied to a judge in a court of law, and I’ll make it my new ambition to ensure that ALL Of southeast Ga knows what kind of people they are in the pages that I will soon be adding to this homepage.

The People Who Destroyed a Family

However, with all of that…I must say thank you to the people I once considered family. Until they showed the type of people they are, I still had faith in the idea that people were ultimately good. I have no issue with people who love God. I come from a long line of people who were born into the Baptist faith. The people who hurt my dad are wannabe Christians since they are willing to hurt their own family. They judge based on sins, but she is a social worker who put two kids out on the street and he is all kind of bad. They are supported by a nurse who practices in Brunswick that walks around with a disgusted look on her face at all times…and after emptying my dad’s fridge, failed to refill it and walked around in her socks on a floor she just half way mopped stating she would throw the socks away when she left. My dad had to go digging through the yard’s trash can to get his food back…That is not a nurse I would want…but her and her husband are now owners of my father’s land.
They got out of paying him because he refused to sell it to them…but they paid his brother for it and then tossed out what little food he had…LOL, THAT IS MESSED UP. There is also a sister involved, my dads, who told him (after saying a year ago to me via messages through text and FB that a person with dementia does not make good choices) that he got what he wanted when he gave the land to his brother and should be happy. The only thing she said that actually made a little sense was about my dad not seeking revenge. My dad got it…I laughed at it. I still have her message telling me that he couldn’t make good choices and shouldn’t be making choices…then she writes my dad to say you got what you wanted. If he was crazy a year ago…she knows he is still not in his right mind. Especially with an overdose of Blood Pressure Pills, a UTI, diagnosed dementia, and a host of other issues. They are not saintly people. Perhaps one day I will post the video of her admitting that she over medicated my dad on blood pressure medication. Anyone who knows anything about medicine knows that those pills are meant to lower blood pressure. Low blood pressure can cause the person to become dizzy, fall down, and be confused. It can put them into a coma if it goes too far down. I asked my dad if he took them, he said, “yes”. I asked him why. He said, “they were in the pill container with the other pills. She wouldn’t give me the aspirin so I didn’t think it would hurt me”. I have a video of him talking about her refusing to give him his daily aspirin as well.
Jack Parkinson, Elderly AbuseMy dad asked his sis, why the family hated me so much. She said we don’t hate her…we just don’t like her. They don’t like me so they stole what belonged to my parents. The home my parents built in the hopes that it would be mine. They don’t like me so they took the home where my father buried my mom’s ashes and where I stood beside her as she died. They don’t like me so they took away the only home my son remembered having, where he took his first steps and laughed with his grandma in her final months. (The Link shows a Youtube of my mom playing with my son). They don’t like me so my grandson was removed from the home at just over a year old. What did I do? I had sex with a cousin and had a beautiful little boy. They do not acknowledge him as a family member. None of them. None of the God loving individuals that they are; acknowledge that my son Zachary is a part of their family.Without those wannabe good people…I might never have decided it was time to stand up for my fellow man. I grew up and realized that Christians and Jehovah’s are not always good people…and I also realized that the family way is to screw one another over. That is not the way that God wanted things to be…and I do not care what name he has for you and your religion. I do not think a bible ever existed that said brother should screw over brother and it will be okay. Until my dying day…I’ll be fighting to make sure Jack Parkinson’s story does not happen to someone else.