Just a Rant

My father had his second eye surgery. His brother saw him when he got out of my car and ignored him. It is crazy. You would think that his brother would care since he stole everything that my dad worked his life to build and then sold it to someone who wants to erase it with a bulldozer. I don’t understand it. I cannot wrap my mind around it. But my dad and I both are more determined than ever to fight against it. Even if the house ends up getting bulldozed, my dad and I will still fight against these people. What would they do if someone came along and bulldozed their house? How would they feel knowing that everything they spent their life working for was erased by someone who didn’t like them? The nurse would probably say oh well. Her mom, would probably do the same. I don’t know but I’m fairly certain home doesn’t mean anything to either of them. The one who has been married who knows how many times has probably changed homes with each one and the nurse…well, I just can’t fathom that home matters. But my dad’s brother has lived in his house for as far back as I can remember. What would they do? How would they feel if someone wiped it out? Maybe the storm that is coming up the coast will do it. Turnabout is fair play after all. Don’t you agree?

I don’t know. I will never understand the world we live in. I am still sickened by the Brunswick nurse saying what she did on FB. How can someone write about the weak minded when she knows that she wouldn’t have the land her husband owns without someone stealing it from a weak minded man who was screwed up on medications? She tried for 4 years to buy it from him and when he kept saying no, they found a way to take it. He didn’t get a dime in his pocket from the sell of his life’s work…he didn’t get food in his home after she cleaned out basic necessities like mayonnaise from his fridge. My dad lives on less money per month than they make in a week. They could have had any property they wanted. But when he didn’t sell… They took it. They don’t give him anything. A diagnosed dementia patient is someone they steal from. If you live in South East Ga, I pray you never meet the nurse.  My opinion is, she and hubby sees something they want and you have, but you don’t want to give up…they may take from you. Sad to say that about people in the medical field, but it is proof that you cannot trust anyone. Just watch out for anyone who name has the same initials as Bowel Movements. No, I honestly can’t say that….I imagine her first name isn’t the name that people call her at work. I know only the short version of it I think. Honestly never cared enough to find out for sure.

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