Missing Mom

It always surprises me how much you can miss a person after they are gone. There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not miss my mom, Pat Parkinson. My mom passed away after a 7-month battle with cancer. Her dying wish was that I would be there to take care of my dad. As stubborn as he is; I did what I could to help him through it all. Unfortunately, he preferred the bottle. It caused him medical issues, with dementia being at the top of the list. His family, decided the property that he purchased from his sister was not worthy of him, even though he and my mom had spent 30 years living there and building it from land clearing up. Please read about him, share his story, and help me put the word out that elderly abuse is a vicious crime and our government needs to try harder to protect people like my dad.

Remembering Mom

Every time I see a tweety bird, I think of her, I still dream of her, and wish I could still End Elderly Abuse Tweetytalk to her. When I lived in her house it wasn’t as much of an issue. I mean, I missed her, but it was like by me living inside of her home, I could still visit with her. I could talk to her about the issues. I would talk to her about good things and bad things that were going on in life and she was still there. When I painted the walls of her home or put up a Christmas tree, I would talk to her about the good things. Everything I did to the house was things that I felt she would love. The things of hers that I packed away, I did so with the full intention of bringing it back out and putting it back where she had it. Her home was filled with so much love at all times. It was a place where I watched her cry and laugh throughout the last 30 years of her life. She would tell me, when we talked about the house, that she built that house for my kids and I. Now, it has been stolen from me and my children. God, I miss the sound of her voice and the way her laughter sounded. 

The Cancer Takes Over

I remember when she first found out she was sick. I had just been visiting with her over Thanksgiving. I knew that something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. I had to take my kids back home though because of school. My dad called me on Tuesday morning, Nov 29, 2011 to tell me that my mom was in the hospital and it wasn’t good. I left Florida immediately after to find out what was going on. When I got there, the uncle who has now stole my dad’s land told me that mom was in very bad shape. She was. She died several times on the way to the hospital, nothing was in her kidneys but blood, and she was in an induced coma. She stayed in a coma for a week before they woke her up. They put her through numerous tests over the next month trying to get her better and then right before Christmas they sent her to Jacksonville for heart surgery.
I went with her and stayed the short time she was there. We had found out earlier that she had cancer in her female organs possibly, but they didn’t prepare us in Brunswick for what we would learn in Jacksonville; that her whole body was being eaten up with cancer and they could not perform the surgery on her heart. They said it was stage 4 cancer in her female organs and that it had spread into other areas. Her wish was to go home so they sent her back to Brunswick. She told the Doctors she wanted to be home for Christmas. They made it happen. She got to go home on Christmas Eve day. She cried when I pulled into the driveway and she saw her home for the first time in just under a month. I cried with her. She was so happy to be home.

My Wish for Mom

Since the day she died, I have wanted to bring her home again. My dad had me pack up her things because he wanted to have a yard sale. I kept everything that I could possibly keep. My only goal was to bring it back out when I had finished repairing the issues that the house had. ( Visit to See My Mom Patricia Parkinson in the HOME that she created for us. It is a youtube video, so it is safe for you to click on. I created this video as a tribute to my mom. The uncle, aunt, and nurse all saw it after I created it. I believed then that they cared about my family. I was wrong.) The cold-hearted people in Meridian Ga do not want her to be brought home. They want her to be dead and stay dead. I wish so much that I could show them what it feels like.

Pat Parkinson
My Beautiful Mom

But they would have to have a heart for it to hurt. Their greed is what they enjoy. Owning their own home, having more money than I care to have, and the ability to do what they want to in their lives isn’t enough. They want to take from me, my kids, my grandchild, and my dad. They need to steal what was left of my mom, even the memorial where my father put in his efforts and then buried her ashes. They want to take it all. For what? So that they can own her memories? Cheap land so that they can take one more trip to the Bahamas? The people that my mom hated are stealing her home. Disrespecting what she built alongside my father. One day, they will suffer. Their day is coming.


I heard a song the other day. It made me think of my mom. It is a song performed by Donna Taggart. It is available on iTunes or you can purchase the CD at http://www.donnataggart.com/storeus.php. Hopefully, you will take a look at it…YouTube and Donna Taggart.