My Dad Was Questioned…

End Elderly Abuse

Yesterday my dad was questioned by the new property owner….They asked whether he was still falling down. My dad said honestly that he was. Had fallen the other day and hurt his hip. I think he shouldn’t be so honest with thieves. I expect an eviction to be legally posted soon. They say him falling is a liability, but not one of them will get off their butt to help him. I had told my uncle two days before he was released from the hospital that I’d move in with my dad if need be. Then the eviction came in and since I work and homeschool my son using a computer; it is not practical to move out there for a week. I also have that conversation recorded and am waiting to post it to see what happens next. I’d love to stop him from falling. They didn’t give him a chance to heal up or get his strength back after surgery and before the eviction notice. They didn’t give me a chance to move in and help him be stronger. If he has to move cause of them playing God over property that I will spend my life fighting for; they are dooming him to a camper or worse. They think the quality of his home is lacking right now….LOL Do they care? Doubt it. No one gives a shit about Jack Parkinson, but me.

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