My Dad’s Depression Is Escalating

Monday I saw my dad for a good bit of the day. He was not in a good mood. I think that depression has sincerely become his best friend. I see glimpses of it often, especially when he talks about mom, but it was very different that day. His brother was working on the driveway. The driveway my dad lost to him a few years back (also a shady deal because the brother told him that I could go to the lawyer with them and told him to tell me where the lawyer was located in Darien. Bro was going to buy it. I attempted to go to the lawyer, but it wasn’t where they had said it would be. I should have known then what would come later on, but at that time I still had faith in the fact that my dad’s brother wouldn’t be sneaky. Since dad was the one that told me where the lawyer was located, I figured dad had messed up, even though his good ole brother was talking to dad as he spoke to me…I tried to give them the benefit of doubt…It was a laughable mistake now, but alas, that is over and done with.).
Anyway…my dad was talking about his brother putting a privacy fence up with the money he stole from us. Money that should have been ours and how if he had wanted to sell he could have had the money. It could have been our money, but his brother didn’t give him a dime. We talked about how his brother had deceived him. I listened as he talked about the things his brother had said to him. How his brother had told him I was broke and would sell the property if I ever got my fingers on it. Then he said, I didn’t think about the fact that if you sold it, at least one of us would have gotten money off of it.
Sometimes I hear him talk about things and I worry about what he says. I have to wonder how much can a man lose before he truly loses it all. He talks about his bed covered in 7 dust and when we point out that it could kill him, he seems almost happy to think that it will end the suffering faster. I know his brother doesn’t give a crap about him…his brother who my dad has helped so much throughout life, when his brother couldn’t afford to even marry his wife…and the way they now treat him. God will make them pay, I’m sure of it. But justice will not come fast enough for me or my father. I firmly believe that they will suffer. All 4 of them, if not 5. They are all evil that disguises themselves as good people. The nurse, the doctor, the social worker, and the nobody who cannot be trusted.
The nobody, my dad’s brother, groped on me when I was 16 and tried to seduce me when I lived at my dad’s house. My daughter filed a complaint because he touched her as well. There are women I’ve spoken to who can describe in detail the bedroom of the house that he shares with his wife. They use to go there when she was down in Florida visiting her parents and when she was at work. They hold my sins against me…their day will come. I pray that all of South East Ga learns who and what they are. And I hope that anyone who knows my father and the type of man he is, never forgets that the rest of that family is the devil. Anyone who touches that land should be shunned by the entire south-east Ga group of people. I know I’ll do my part to help it happen for the pain that they have caused my father.

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