My Dad’s Family Are Such Hateful People

End Elderly Abuse

My dad’s sister sent me a text message on Christmas, which she doesn’t celebrate since she is a Jehovah’s witness. She asked me where my dad was. Said that they have fond memories of him and love him. After calling me a cry baby the last time we had a short text conversation. I told her he was in Jacksonville, bouncing between hospital and rehab facilities because he cannot go home if he lives alone.  She pretends I’m trying to control him. She said that they would find him one way or another.

Sooo, yesterday when I went down to visit dad, I asked him if he wanted to speak to her. I didn’t tell him that I was recording what he said, but he has told me in the past that he wants what they have done to him to be made public. In the video, I told him that she claims they love him and want to know where he is. It is a short video, but in it, he expresses a desire to add on to his home so that I can stay there or so that Bill can stay there because he doesn’t want bill to lose his home, he talks about his fear that with him in the hospital for so long, his family will destroy his home, and he says that he does not want to talk to his family as payback for what they have done to him.  My dad is very hard to. I’m still not sure what happened to him during surgery, but his speech has been messed up since he had heart surgery.  Christmas day at random times, he was actually easier to understand than he has been.

Today, his sister asked what my father had said. I explained the video and its contents to her. Her Exact words were “Didn’t take time to read all you wrote sound like your ideal He is sad hands as you in control of his life ending . You reap what you sow.” So I sent her the video. Not sure she even cared to watch it…which is comical in ways because I told her once, a month or so ago, that dad could tell her that they screwed him over and she would say he was a crazy old man. She told me then that I should not cast stones. But to me, it seems like I called it right before she could call him a crazy old man.

I invite you to watch the video and share it if you want to. This is proof that my dad is not happy about the things his own family has done to him. It shows how much confusion and pain a person can feel because of elderly abuse. I pray so much that one will ever have to feel what my dad must endure at the hands of family. I personally am just sick of the Jehovah trying to fling insults and casting her own judgments.  She is a hypocrite, same as my dad’s brother, who was the one who convinced a dementia patient to give up his homestead, and her daughter who takes care of dementia patients as their nurse knowing that she wouldn’t have property if it were not for screwing one over.  I am not perfect. I have committed many sins in my life. None of them were done to hurt an elderly family member by theft and deception. I will leave that to the pros who carry my father’s bloodline in their veins.

PS…she just messaged me again with more idiotic insults. Saying that I am my worst enemy and am a terrible insult to myself. Isn’t video proof of how my dad feels? How would I have forced him to talk like that? Shows that they don’t know my father at all. He is a strong-willed man, even with his many issues.  I point out that since all of this went on, I am still the only one to provide care for my dad and the only one willing to take him shopping for things that he needs. She told me and again, I quote, “Waste my time no more . Pray for you. Jack is and always been In Poor care. evens dogs has been cared for better, you ever have done , for him. Again you get in your Dad’s brain, Shame on you, what he has left and torment him.” So, I posed a challenge to her…one that I know she will resist. I told her if I am the evil one and they care so much about my dad, then they should give him back his property.  I pointed out that I never asked him to put the property in my name so I would take care of him. That it was them who did that. Of course, she didn’t and will never reply to that part of my message to her. LOL  They take from my father. They took away his faith in his family tree. They are the ones killing him…and they will not do ANYTHING to fix what they did. Satan has them.

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