Jack Parkinson; Walking with Angels 7/5/1945-2/23/2017

End Elderly Abuse

Friday was a very sad day. It is the day that I found my dad’s body lying in his bed. I found him at about noon…It was sudden and absolutely 100% unexpected. It has shaken me to the core. The truly messed up part of it is…his death could have been prevented possibly had I been closer to monitor his medications a little more.

Jack Parkinson’s Final Days

Last Saturday, I saw my dad. We went shopping and he got pants to wear. Some very nice dress pants. He also put money down on a chair that would make it easier for him to get up and down….It was one of those chairs that have the lift in it.  He was so excited and I had hoped to get it out for him before the third. when his check would come in. While there, I filled up his pill container, as I always do on Saturdays. I noticed that his pill container was not as empty as it should be and he stated that he would forget sometimes. He also wanted me to give him his night meds at like 2 pm.  I told him that it was important he takes his medications all the time and that he didn’t need to take his night pills that early in the afternoon because doing so he could be taking medications too close together. He said he would try to take everything the way he was supposed to. We talked about the property and his hopes. I told him that I couldn’t wait to come back home because I missed our morning coffee time. Every morning when I lived there, he and I would get together and drink coffee. If there was a morning when he didn’t walk to my mom’s house- I would go to his and check on him to make sure he was okay.

I saw him again on Tuesday. We had to run to the lawyer’s office to sign some medical release forms so they could pull more of his medical records. My dad was very emotional. We talked about his and mom’s house. He was talking about the rebuild and things that he wished to do to both houses once we got the property back. He talked about the table that he sits at all the time….one of the last things he and my mom built together before she got sick… He talked about his dogs…saying he couldn’t believe they wanted him to get rid of his animals. He said that he would never get rid of Holly and Trooper. He talked about how he couldn’t move away from his home. He said physically he couldn’t do it…I told him he wouldn’t have to do any of it. We talked about his heart surgery…he asked me if he had only been gone a few days. I told him he was gone about a month and a half and he began crying. He said he didn’t think he had been away that long. I told him only that they had to make sure he got better both physically and mentally, but that yes, he had been away for a while. He then asked what the papers meant that he had signed. I told him it was to ensure the lawyer could get the medical records he needed. That it would further prove he was maybe not thinking clearly at the time of signing the land over…and that his health had suffered since doing so. I never tell my dad he has dementia and that the lawyer is trying to prove he has dementia. My dad is a proud man….and I know it hurts him to know and hear it…but on that Tuesday, when I sugar coated his mental status in our talk, he looked at me and he said,-you know I’m not always thinking clearly. I then said, “no. you don’t always think clearly. We have had a lot of rough patches…:

Discovering Dad

I wish I had known then that Tuesday would be the last time I talked to him. When I left I told him I’d be back on Thursday but to call me if he needed anything before then. I had forgotten that Thursday was my 2-yr old grandchild’s birthday. I also got caught up with some other issues. Toward Thursday evening I had the thought that my dad should have called by now…but it was late enough in the evening that I wouldn’t call him. He is an early to bed type…often in bed by 6-7pm. 

On Friday morning I got up and attempted to call. He didn’t answer. I got worried and immediately began getting dressed to go. I tried to call once more on my way to his house….I still didn’t get an answer. I decided to wait on getting him smokes because I expected him to want to go to town. He liked to get out sometimes…I arrived at his house at noon. He wasn’t at the table…he wasn’t in his old recliner. I called out from his bedroom door when I saw him in bed. I walked up to him and touched him….30 seconds later I began crying and called 911. It took forever for them to show up. I remember at one time looking at the clock and it was 12:30. There were police, there were EMTs, there were coroners, and investigators. there were people everywhere….Asking questions and taking down information while expressing condolences. It seemed like a lifetime passed by…but in reality, it was only an hour or so.

The EMTs and everyone say that it looks like my dad suffered a massive heart attack and then asphyxiated on his vomit. They said that they could tell with his pill container that he was sporadic at taking his medications. Since he was on blood thinner and taking it off schedule, there is a chance that he had a clot that broke loose or something else going on. They said that when you are on blood thinners, you have to stick to it or you take a chance….If only I had been there to remind him to take his morning and evening pills like I use to be, my dad would still be here…Do you know how devastating that is? 

Giving My Dad a Voice Against Elderly Abuse 

I contacted my dad’s lawyer….When we get a certificate of death the lawyer wants to meet up. We can take dad’s name off the case and put my name there instead. We are going forward with it all….My dad will never have his day in court, but perhaps through me…..I can still ensure his voice is heard. It is not fair….All he ever asked was to be allowed to live his life on his property until he died and then he wanted his ashes to be put with my mom’s. The family took his property….and tried to remove him from it. Because of all this BS, I cannot put his ashes with hers…The only final wishes that he has had so far is he died at home and the cremation will be done by the same people that cremated my mom. The best that I can hope for now is that I can get the property back for him…It is my battle now. 

Dad’s Depression Over Mom’s Home

End Elderly Abuse

I do not understand the people that swiped my dad’s property. Upon hearing that he was going to fight against them, they have put even more interest in the property that is his. They have been by twice in the last few days, whereas for the last 9 months, they have stopped by maybe monthly. That’s not to say that they actually do anything while there. They seem to simply walk around and look at the destruction they have caused to my Mom’s house. I think it excites them to know they are hurting my dad and I. I think it makes them tremble with joy to destroy goodness. They are letting the house rot before they put effort into tearing it down. The home and the property look terrible. It breaks my heart to see it from the outside.

Momma’s House

My dad says that I should look inside, but that it would make me cry. I told him honestly, I don’t want to see what they did to it….I’d be pissed. Luckily, I took photos of it on the day that I left. I can show them to the lawyer and if dad wins his case; we expect them to pay for rebuilding what they have destroyed. That is already in the paperwork. Already we know that the floors have to be replaced and that is going to include having to remove the kitchen cabinets, reflooring, repainting, and who knows what other issues are present structurally. Then you get into the wiring that has probably been destroyed by critters in the 6 months since they had it turned off, replacing the breaker box to get the power back on, and more.

Hoping to Rebuild

I pointed out to my dad that we will virtually have to rebuild the home to be able to live in it again. He points out that he isn’t in the condition to do the work. He says that for himself, he would have charged someone 6-7000.00 just to do the kitchen in the house, but he isn’t strong enough to do it now. I assured him that I would do the work that I could if he would teach me how to. It would be worth it. I just want my mom’s life to be brought back into the home. They have sucked her out of it. Destroyed her dreams and her home. Walked over and stomped on her memory. I wish there was a part of me that would tromp over them as they have done to her.

Jack Parkinson’s Depression Over It All

My dad is feeling the stress and strain. It is not good for his mentality or his heart. The uncertainty of it. The pain of seeing what they have allowed to happen to his wife’s home. They said they didn’t want it. They said that he was too crazy to decide on it and then they pressured him into it so that they would have to see it rot away. I hate it for him. He is such a good-hearted man once you get through the shell that he puts up for most others to see. He is getting snappy at me and others who are close to him. It is so similar to the depression that he was going through when his brother deceived him. It scares me.

Good News from Adult Protective Services

End Elderly Abuse

Today was a big day around dad’s house. Adult protective services came in to speak with us. She told me, even more, things that I was unaware of and I say that things are about to go very well for my dad. Every day is a learning experience. The legal system is a fucked-up web and I’m about to start weaving. I personally cannot wait to see what more I find out Monday. It is time to play pin the tail on the donkey…I have about 4 of them that I’m going to tag.

What Happens Next in My Fight Against Elderly Abuse?

If dad’s family was a wiser group of people, they would back out…and do what is right for my dad, but for some reason, I don’t think they are as wise as they pretend to be. That is okay, though…Means more fun for me. I will write more about the potential success stories as this goes along…but for now, I’m not going to spill any of dad’s potential beans. All I’m going to say is—the validity of this entire situation is about to be discovered. I can potentially jerk it out from under all of them, just by snapping my fingers and bringing up the right point to the right person…And adult protective services is the one who will ensure that I have that contact…NOW. Maybe there is hope for the elderly after all…

I know my facts…I think I know more than the Brainiac’s who pretend they are better than my dad and me. They forgot to cross a few “T”s and dot a few “I”s. They think they got enough money to keep what belongs to my dad…With the case building as it is right now…money will not help them. Dad’s brother’s statements on video, his wife’s admissions on video about overdosing my dad on blood pressure medication because she cannot read, and the many lies that have been revealed are all going to bite them in the arse.

Perhaps one day I’ll thank them for being warped souls…No…not likely. Perhaps the nurse should have gone to law school rather than nursing school… The same could be said for those who spent their lives doing other things besides studying law. perhaps then, they wouldn’t have screwed over their own selves. Perhaps after all of this is done, I’ll go back to school and try to learn more about the law myself. I’ve already got a head start.

Casting Stones

Rumor has it, my aunt doesn’t hate me—but no one likes me. Rumor has it—my dad’s bro said once that I was smart. Rumor has it—–no…there are no more rumors…You screw with people and you are going to get screwed. Who cares if my dad

Jack Parkinson
My son, who they say doesn’t deserve the home my parents built for their future generations.

enjoys a drink? Least he has never stolen from his family. My little boy took his first steps in my parents’ home, with my mom watching, and was told that he doesn’t deserve to live there. My grandson was put out of the house by those people when he was 1 year old…My son was 6. They do not acknowledge my kids as anything. Who made them God? Who made them the judge and jury on others? My dad’s sister says I shouldn’t cast stones. What exactly is it that they do when they are saying that I am the worst thing to have ever happened to my dad? They stole his land and left him there to die after they removed me and my boys from the home. Today, I watched my dad choke on a drink and fall backward from his chair. I tried to catch him…it was a glass of tea…He has had trouble swallowing since his triple bypass and all they want to do is remove him from his home? Does his family care? They cast stones at me…I’m not the one calling the woman who married many, a woman of ill repute. I’m not the one claiming my kids are great when one drinks heavily and the other supports gay rights very effectively (I have no issue with that…I just don’t feel that their skeletons are any better or worse than mine). I’m not the one who waited til I was probably 40 to become a nurse so I could steal an uncle’s land claiming I’m good moral stock…I’m not the one who took women to my wife’s bed enough that they can describe her bedroom to other people. Okay, So I’ve had a few moral lapses…but good-ness…how much critism do I have to take from these people who think they are better than me?

I Am Jack Parkinson’s Daughter

I cheated on my husband. I had a little boy. I left my home in Florida and my other two children when my mom got sick. She was battling cancer…I moved in with the person I had had the affair with because I wanted to be close, but not drive my mom nuts with my kids. I moved out of that persons’ house and I moved into my parents’ house where I tried to work and survive. I busted my ass to live and support my son with $50-$75 a week for a very long time. I tried to take care of my dad and he fought me on most of the things I tried to get him to do. I wanted a real job, but I couldn’t afford child care while I was working. I began to write more. I survived hell living in that house…and I’m a better person for it. Then I was told to leave and in order to stay close to my dad, I did what I had to do knowing that I wouldn’t gain anything from it. Knowing that he had given away his soul to the devil, I still wanted to stay close to him. I considered moving back to Florida to be closer to my nearly grown son, but I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I left him in Ga alone. I promised my mom I’d take care of him once she was gone. I’m not going to break my promise to her…no matter what hell I have to survive to keep my word to her.

Are my morals a little screwy? Yeah. LOL, I’m far from saintly. I never claimed otherwise. I don’t lie or steal half as much as those who judge me do. I have a bank account that is impressive to me because I’ve been at rock bottom and I’m no longer there. For 3 years after I moved to Ga, I didn’t make enough to have a bank account. LOL. I still don’t have as much as those other people do. I wouldn’t want to have that much. If I did, I might feel entitled like they do and I’m not that person. I’ve never stolen anything…My dad says his brother accused me of it and convinced him of it. My dad removed me from his account for about a week when all this started. I was immediately put back on it when his medications got leveled out and sis in law wasn’t overdosing him. I’ve also never put two kids out of a home. I’ve never attempted to put an elderly man out on the street. They have told two elderly men to leave.

Elder Abuse is Everywhere…

End Elderly Abuse

Today, January 24. I just put in a search for elderly abuse. In doing research that is what I do. I discover and I snoop and I look around to get the facts that are available to me. On a google search, I find headlines that were listed today….The Times-Gazette in io talking about elder abuse being prevalent. A woman being hit by a nurse on ABC13. And another on the Detroit Free Press. Does anyone else find this as repulsive as I do? As a society of people, human beings, how could we let it get to the point where our elderly are beat, robbed, and victimized on a daily basis? Are there any good people in the world still yet? Or all we just waiting on our final years to be victimized?

Jack Parkinson, didn’t ask for the hand that he was dealt and neither did the people who are like him. He didn’t ask to live his life planning for his final years to be content ones. He wanted to be a man who owned property until his dying days. His family took that from him and its nothing compared to some of the other abuse stories out there. It breaks my heart to know that so many are suffering. I am soon going to be 41…I’m a mom and a grandparent. If news reports are accurate and 1 in 9 elderly person will become a victim with perhaps as many as 5 reported cases going unreported for every one that is; what does that mean for my generation? Those of us who still have a few years to go before we turn 60 and our chances of being abused increase? It is terrifying to consider and kind of makes you question what do we fight so hard for in our life if we know that one day someone will decide that they want what we have and take it from us simply because they do not approve of our ways or feel that we are inadequate?

The Ugly Truth About Elder Abuse

End Elderly Abuse

What happened to my dad is terrible. It is despicable what his family has done to him. No one deserves it, no one asks for it, and no one should have to deal with it. The messed-up part about it is; Jack Parkinson is not alone. There are people everywhere who, at the end of their life, have discovered that their family is their worst enemy. It is unfair, but it is something that most people seem to ignore. The ugly truth about elder abuse is that the world we live in fails to do anything about it.

What Is Elder Abuse?

According to Wikipedia the paraphrased, technical term for elder abuse is a single or repeated act that causes harm or distress to an older person, where there may have at one time been an expectation of trust. This shows that the elderly abuse definition implies that most all people who suffer from elder abuse are being abused by people that they trust in including; family members, caregivers, and friends. They need the help of those closest to them and then the other people take advantage of their needs.

If you look beyond that; the definition of elder abuse can be twisted and turned all around to meet specific needs. There is neglect, theft, physical abuse, and much more. It is anything that goes on to hurt the elderly.

Elder Abuse Statistics

When you look at the numbers, you will be astounded by the abuse that our older generations are suffering through. According to the National Council on Aging NCOA, approximately 1  in 10 Americans over the age of 60 will suffer from one type of abuse or another. There are estimates that as many as 5-million elders are being abused each year. If the person has a diagnosis of dementia; they increase their chances of abuse significantly.

Let Us Fight Elderly Abuse

The statistics for elderly abuse not good. Too many of our older generations, such as my dad, are victims. The people who do it are allowed to get away with it. There are no real consequences and it is hard to prove because of the “trust in family” thing that triggers their abuse. Our senior citizens are grown, they have the ability to think for themselves and make choices. That often hurts them, even if they were manipulated into making choices that they didn’t understand. In the case of Jack Parkinson, he was off medication, diagnosed with dementia, and had a UTI. Lawyers say, “he may not have been confused that day”. They are saying that he turned down $60,000.00 for his property 6-months before so that he could choose to give it away for nothing? Does that make logical sense to anyone else?

If we ever want the elderly abuse facts to change; we have to start working to change things. If someone were to steal from or abuse a child; they would be locked up without question. Why then was my dad’s brother able to steal his property, and no one has paid the price for it yet? Help me fight against elderly abuse. Join in my fight to ensure that no one forgets what was done to my dad and perhaps one day; no one will have to deal with abuse by their own family. Don’t be like me and wait until it hurts your grandparents or your parents. Let’s take a stand and start telling people the truth about elderly abuse.


The Eviction of Jack Parkinson

End Elderly Abuse

Apparently, it isn’t just veterans those people will kick out. My dad got an eviction notice today. He took it very well…but it has ticked me off to no end. My dad, at 71 years old should not have to be thinking about where to live tomorrow? They gave him two weeks to move out. They say he needs to vacate the property that he has lived on for the past 30 years by the end of this month. Two weeks to pick up his entire life. Two weeks to leave the home that he and my mom built together. Two weeks to walk away from where he buried her ashes. Can you imagine the pain that he is holding inside of his heart? It was hard for me when they evicted me. It was one of the worst days for me…but I know it was nothing compared to my dad getting that notice today. How can families do that to their own? The eviction notice says that they fear for their safety because my dad, his nephew Allen and I have threatened them. I videoed the confrontation. My dad’s brother was saying that dad had said he was going to kill Allen and my dad said lifted a finger and said I could kill you. That was threatening. LOL As bad a shape as my dad is in right now, a finger is about all that he can lift, and they feel threatened? During all of this, I was telling people to calm down and let the brother speak. The only thing I have ever threatened is to make sure that everyone knows what was done to my dad. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what my dad is going through. The threat from my dad’s nephew came after his dad basically called him a chicken. It is all on video. The brother double talking my dad trying to mess up his mind.

Why in the hell can’t they leave my dad alone? He wants to live his life, die in his home, and be buried with his wife. That’s it. In the eviction notice, they say that dad didn’t maintain the cleanliness that they provided…They cleaned once in 8 months. They did a half-assed job on it and the nurse was going to throw away her filthy socks after walking on the floor she just mopped? How long was he supposed to maintain? They say they got rid of old food; that’s all good, but they didn’t replace the food they threw away and none of them even offered to take him to a grocery store. Do you think they threw away his food and brought him dinner that night? NO. They threw away what little he had and said we are done…deal with it. They threw away the cord to his electric frying pan. They threw away bottles of iodine and some of the other older style medications that he and my mom had. Does iodine really go bad? Does frying pan cords? They say he eats rotten food and they won’t be held liable, but they do not volunteer to do him any favors. They wanted me off the property because they claimed I wasn’t taking care of him, yet when I lived there he had food at least once a day and would walk to my house for leftovers if he wanted it. But they are better?

My dad is 71…he is in bad health. He has an income of $700 a month and they want him to move away? They want him to vacate immediately so they can come in and tear down the things he built with his two hands alongside my mom. And this 71-year-old man is trying to figure out what he needs to do to be able to build a new home for himself, how he will survive long enough to build a home for himself, because that is all he knows how to do. He has never lived in a home that he didn’t put effort into building. Do you think they care? Watch for a video page…It’s coming soon. I want the world to see what type of double talking his brother was doing, and though I, unfortunately, cannot show the finger action that my dad did that was so much a threat, I think you will get the idea. I can’t show faces cause that could possibly be damaging to their “reputation”. But I truly wish you could see how giddy his brother was over the confrontation. He had a smug smile from start to finish and with my dad being just home from the hospital; dad played into his hands.

I do not know how, but I am going to get my dad’s story out there. I write for two people who have a good working knowledge of all things internet…I have asked for their help in making sure that people know my dad’s name. They make their living off SEO and all things similar. I was hoping to get this noticed without asking for help, but I am now asking for help. Please, help me by sharing my blog. Share it anywhere you can share it. I’m not seeking money. I’m not seeking personal fame. I am seeking to find a way to ensure that Jack Parkinson is not forgotten. I am seeking to find a way to put a true end to elderly abuse and all the pain that it causes people like my dad.

The Life We Live

It is truly heartbreaking to see the changes in my dad over the last couple months since I had to move away. Since my mom passed away on July 1, 2012, my dad has kept her urn on his dining room table in front of the window that looks out to the memorial stone he built for her and where he put her ashes. He would wake in the morning and talk to her over coffee. He would tell her good night at the end of a day. He would pick roses that he planted inside the memorial so that she could “smell” them when he placed them near her urn. Now, he has stopped talking to her. He tells me that he doesn’t know what to say to her. He feels that if she were here she would hate him for what he has done. He feels he gave her and everything she built away. He says she is angry with him and he does not feel that he deserves to talk to her. Talking to her and growing the roses for her memory is what kept him strong enough to fight and live. He is so sad. I see it in his eyes. He gets upset if I am not there often, even though he knows that I cannot be there all the time now. His house isn’t large enough for me and my son along with my grandson. If he had two or three bedrooms, I would have gladly moved in with him. I know he misses his talks to my mom…but I sometimes wonder what it would mean to him to wake up and walk over to my home, the one on his property that he shared with my mom, and have a cup of coffee with me like we use to do. It was our morning routine. The only exception was between Feb28 when I wrote the note telling my uncle he had struck out at me and up until he told me that if I paid my uncle ,000 I could have the land back. He later decided that he needed to clear up the total with his brother…it was just one more time that his brother would duck and dodge on him.

My dad talks often of the trust that he had put into his brother and how he should have known better than to trust in him. He talks often of the fact that if it had not been for him loaning his brother money, the brother and his wife would not have been able to get married. My dad gave them $900 a lifetime ago and the brother has yet to pay my father back. Dad shouldn’t have paid them to get married…They should have had to struggle for what they wanted. However, since they obviously didn’t want to pay it back, perhaps they aren’t as happy as they pretend??? LOL I don’t know…Perhaps the brother should have asked the sister for money…She has taken more than enough trips down the aisle. She probably knows by now how to do it for free. I think there has been like 7-8 marriages under her belt????and her daughter isn’t much better from what I’ve heard. oh well, those are stories for another day…

My Dad Jack ParkinsonFor today, I want to talk about the picture I’m adding. It was taken last Aug. 2015. My dad was sent to the hospital with massive kidney/urinary issues.  His bladder was holding water and they had to help him relieve himself. He was talking crazy things just 24 hours before this photo was taken. I was so happy to see his smile that day. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of him. He was instantly better, though a cath was necessary for a couple days. Because of that, I sent him to a nursing home for care. During his first couple days in the home, I got a message from his sister. Her daughter wanted to talk about buying dad out again. I told my dad about it, but he said that they could go “F” themselves. He wasn’t selling out to them. Especially not with the way they talked to me in a few messages that he saw. He wanted me to have the land….he walked away from the highest offer to date….$60,000 for his land. His niece made the offer. Now, my dad has lost the land and didn’t get a dime. Do you think that is fair? Not to mention, my dad may lose his SSI income, his medicaid, and more if we do not get it back soon. He has also lost his rights to be cared for in a nursing home facility. Why? because in the eyes of the government, he gave his property away when he should have asked for money and sold out. They feel if he has the money to give his home away, then he shouldn’t need healthcare or additional help from the government. This has all been told to us through lawyers. That is why we cannot give up the fight. His brother sentenced him to death and they do not care. My dad cooks his own meals, when he can, instead of me cooking for him nightly. He may lose his discounted medication and the possibility of nursing home care when it is needed again. All because of the greed of his brother…so that his brother can drive a new vehicle and pretend that he is the better, smarter man, for it. I am not sure if it is a moral deficiency between him and his wife or an issue with the state laws. I HOPE to battle both and I will do so if I can gain enough support from my readers.