Dad’s Eviction is Now Official

End Elderly Abuse

My dad has received his official eviction notice. It came to him on Feb. 3. I cannot say that I am surprised, but I will say that I am disappointed. You would think that family, a social worker, and a nurse that deals mostly with elderly people would not want to see a man removed from his home. But, what do I know about it? Perhaps that is why I opted years ago, to not become a doctor, nurse, or a social worker…I have too much heart for the profession. Being a janitor, was never a potential thing that I wanted to do, so I cannot say one way or another what that can do to a person. Instead, I’ll stick with my blogs and career as a writer. I will stick with trying to become an advocate against elderly abuse and try to continue to spread the word about what is being done to Jack Parkinson, the kindest man I can think of who is being punished by his family for some unknown reason.

What Happens Next in Our Fight Against Elder Abuse?

Even though the eviction notice has arrived…I’m not giving up the fight forElder Abuse my dad and he isn’t giving up either. He is even more determined to plead his case, even if it does not gain him his property back. I am going to be there beside him through it all. No one deserves to feel what he is. All abuse is wrong, but there is something truly devastating about having your own family turn their back on you at the end of your life on this Earth. Next week, we have more appointments with a lawyer who will attend the eviction hearing with us, if he can prepare for it before the judge says we are due to be in court. He may be able to get an extension on it. That is my hope. My dad is not strong enough for the shit they are putting him through. Even his physical therapists and home nurses are concerned about his well-being if he has to move away right now. The family doesn’t care at all. They have pure greedy selfishness in their hearts and I am ashamed of the fact that we share a bloodline. If I could figure out a way to drain out all of my blood and replace it with blood that hasn’t been sullied by them, but still kept my parents genetics flowing through me, I would gladly do so. The only problem is; if I could figure out how to do it for myself, I’d also erase their evil from my kids, my grandson, and all future people who will be born into my family line. They are simply that disgusting to me and I do imagine that the feeling is quite mutual. :).

I mean, I’m nothing like any of them. I have a smaller bank account, haven’t been married who knows how many times (I’ve only taken that walk once…all of them have made multiple trips and some have done so more than most people in this world), I haven’t been a doctor or a nurse that couldn’t show empathy for an elderly person, and I never promised to take care of a person’s needs only to clean their house one time, throw away their items, and refuse to replace them. I’ve never thrown out groceries and replaced my socks before buying that person food or at least fixing them dinner for a couple nights Against Elder Abuseuntil they could find a ride to the store. I’ve always felt they were all a bunch of stuck up biddies, and even my mom said it before she passed away that the nurse was so stuck up she would drown in a rainstorm, but I never thought that their money would cause them to be satanic toward my dad…who has never done anything wrong toward any of them, until they stole his land and turned their back on him. It is made even worse by the fact that the two people he absolutely did not want to touch it, own everything he values, including my mom’s cemetery. Which is another fact that we plan to fight against. They desecrate her home, they won’t think twice about doing it to her resting place. If that happens, I pray someone also does it to the nurse’s son.

Sorry, I shouldn’t say that. I won’t sink to their level of despicableness.

Planning Ahead…

I’m not sure what the plans are from here, except hope and pray that the devils do not win this round against Jack Parkinson. They have won every other skirmish but the battle against the elderly abuse of my dad has not started yet. There will be no defeat for him or for myself. You simply need to start sharing his story. Help me spread the word. Together we can make it noticeable and perhaps change the laws before someone in your own family is forced to suffer as he has.