Jack Parkinson’s Day in Court is Coming

End Elderly Abuse

elder abuse jewelIt has been a while since I posted. The reason for it was simple…My dad has decided to fight back against his degenerate family tree. I am proud that he wants to stand up for himself. Many elder abuse victims feel defeated and never fight back. My dad is fighting for his home and his rights as a human being. It is timid at best…and there is a chance that I will be the one footing most of it. To me; it is worth it since he is at least saying, “You will not kick me anymore.” We have an excellent lawyer who upon seeing all the facts in our case told my dad, “You got screwed over.” Upon talking to him more about the situation; he feels that my dad has a fighting chance; if not to get the property then to at least get the money he is owed plus compensation for pain and suffering that he has to feel at the hands of his family tree. It is a case that is going to superior court and I hope to use it to gain even more attention for everyone who is a victim of elder abuse.

The Proof of Abuse

In the case of Jack Parkinson; I documented everything from day one. I have medical records and his family tree stating for years that my dad was NOT in his right mind; even as it pertained to his property and decisions regarding it. I have videos and texts, FB messages, and more. I also have written proof to a lawyer that they lied to my dad and to the lawyer claiming that they had no knowledge of my dad’s mental impairment. (they are idiots). If you want to play dumb; don’t leave a paper trail that traces back to you. LOL. Beyond that; I have medical records before, during, and after the paper was signed stating that my dad didn’t have all of his ducks in a row at that time. The lawyer has found proof that there is a lien on the property which proves high and mighty nurse with her spouse are not as high and mighty as they pretend. All total, my dad stands to gain $250,000, plus lawyer/court fees, his property put back into his possession, or potentially jail time for the offenders if they are busted on one of several felonies. Honestly, with all the proof that has been found regarding my dad’s case; if someone doesn’t go to jail-I will have serious doubts about the validity of our judicial system. Especially with Adult protective services and a lawyer with MANY years standing behind my dad and I.

For this reason, I am asking everyone who thinks that someone they love is a victim of financial abuse or if it is you personally being victimized; keep a record and keep your proof. It could be the key to proving it all in the event that you choose to stand up for yourself or those you love. The bigger the paper trail is; the more likely you will succeed. Even if you do not succeed, you can at least show the abusers that you are not going to lay down and be treated like a dog.

The Satisfaction of Court Caseselder abuse karma

When considering a court case; the potential risk is definite. My dad could lose everything and not gain from it at all. It is scary. He has a lot of hopes and dreams that his family wants to take away from him. The bonus is; a court case could easily be made public. Names and all of that could be revealed. All of McIntosh county will know that the saints are not saintly. The doctors and nurses that work with them will know that they steal from elderly dementia patients and that will be good in ways. I’d hate for any of them to lose their job, but their reputation deserves a stain. If they were as pristine as they pretend; they wouldn’t be facing a court battle for doing what they have.

Help For Jack Parkinson

However, in as much as a promised to never ask for money from friends or family; I may one day have to break my word. At this time, I have a PayPal me link…You do not have to send money. I prefer that you don’t if you cannot afford to do so. Anything that you do send, will go toward helping my dad. With the family’s deception; he has lost his chance to go into a nursing home for care for the next 6 years according to his lawyer. In the event that he needs a place to live; he isn’t going to get there on looks alone and I do feel that the lawyer fees are going to eat us a new one. LOL, I’m not afraid of the cost of fighting…but I am afraid that we will invest everything we have in fighting and then have nothing to sit on for the unfortunate “What Ifs” that may come later on. Therefore, if you are able to help, even by just a dollar, it will be appreciated by us all. Eventually, I may also set up a gofundme for my dad; but I don’t want to do that. I’m not one to beg and I’m not one to steal. I’m not a true Parkinson and I’m proud of it.

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Help Me Fight Against Elderly Abuse

End Elderly Abuse

Elder abuse is considered the silent crime and every one of us is at risk for becoming a victim that is not reported or saved from the heartache that it can bring. The reason for it is simple; as we age, we need the people around us that we feel are there to help us. We depend on them. We trust them to be kind to us when daily life tasks become harder and harder to handle on our own. My anger was raised by Jack Parkinson’s family when they first stole from him because he trusted their word. They told him it was a loan and he agreed to sign the quit deed with the idea that he could have the property back when he paid for the loan that his brother had given him. Now, they are trying to remove him from the only home he has because he is man enough to stand up and say you screwed me over. Most elder abuse victims are not like my father. Most all cases go unreported. For every single theft of property by family members that is reported, thousands are never talked about. Why? Because no one knows where to start fighting. It is time to make it end. There are people out there who have gone to jail with felony charges for what they did to my dad. It is time to make it happen a little more often, so that people are less likely to take advantage of a person who needs and trusts in them. Do it now, do it before you have to suffer as thousands of other senior citizens have suffered. Help me fight to give elder abuse and the victims a voice.

Facing Facts about Senior Abuse

Elder mistreatment of a financial nature wasn’t even acknowledged as a crime until the 90s, when several elderly victims came forward to fight for their right to live their life without being victims. It is hard to prove and many victims throw up their hands and fear the repercussions of fighting back. Even my dad feared repercussions when his brother took his property, at first. But where my dad is stronger than some is the more they have done to hurt him, the more he has decided to fight back. Most people, like my dad, fear losing the family that hurts them because they choose to fight back. My dad has been lucky enough to see what they are and what kind of evil lurks within them…and he realizes that by losing them as family; he hasn’t lost much. He realizes that without being able to offer me a dime, I am still there for him. I still do everything that I can for him, without the prospect of gain. They gained and left him to die, try to force him from his home, and look down their nose at him. My dad knows that whether he has money or property, I am there to help him through anything that comes his way. It is time that our elders feel safe again. My dad’s family wasn’t the first people to victimize my dad, the first happened because he trusted a young woman who wiped out his bank account. That woman went to jail for what she did to him and many other elderly citizens in McIntosh. The same should be done to people who con him into signing away his property.

The Next Steps for Jack Parkinson

We have a lot of videos, text messages, and Facebook messages. All of them admit to deception by his family. People acknowledging that my dad was not mentally able to make decisions regarding his land and statements of we do not want the land. Statements of them owning/selling the land to keep my dad mixed up. All of it has been handed over to another lawyer. The lawyer says that there could be multiple trails in the near future. Deception, taking advantage of a person’s mental status, and many other charges are all punishable by jail time and extensive fines. In Georgia, the guilty parties can serve up to a year. Other states have stronger punishments and some have weaker punishments. We all believe that the video will hold up and that it will be admissible. The lawyers I spoke to when all of this first began were unsure. I have medical documents, statements from physicians, text, FB, and more and it is all going to come out. Even the fact the good nurse was told my dad did not want her near the property and they took it anyway, through deception and trickery by my dad’s family. We have to prove it. My dad’s lawyer thinks we have enough to get the ball rolling. I was threatened and told to keep certain names out of it…Their names will not be free of it much longer. My prayer is that they pay for the pain my dad has had to feel at their hands. They stole from him and then told him to play nice or else. All I’ve ever said to them is to leave my dad alone and let him live out the rest of his life on his land and when they took his land away, I let it slide. Now they want him removed from his home…That is not okay…and I want them all to be labeled for what they are…their day is coming. Justice in one elderly abuse case will be found. If it takes until my last breath to see it through. Laws have to be made more effective at preventing elder abuse.  I have my facts together…I really hope they have done their research as well.

Elderly Abuse by Family Members

Every day there are people being abused by family members. Our elderly will never be safe from it unless we start talking more about it and increasing the penalties for the abuse. This is not easy to do because as a general rule, our elderly generations are considered adults and capable of making up their own mind. My dad, was a proud man. He still is. He didn’t want to give away power of attorney and I was an idiot because I didn’t want to try to control his life. Had he done so; none of this would have happened to him. I trusted his family to not try to screw him over. I believed that his sister cared for him too much to allow her daughter and brother to steal from my dad. That the fact they are fine upstanding religious type folks, they were above deception to that extent. I made that mistake. My dad also made a mistake in believing in the people he considered family. As people in our world become more greedy and our elderly generations continue to live beyond the age of 60, this is not a crime that will stop without help. No senior citizen deserves it.

Look toward the future and think about the fact that you may one day also become a victim. Who do you want to fight for you? Do you want to be at the end of your life and lose everything you own? To have it taken from you under false pretenses by your family members who you spent your life caring for? I don’t know how to raise elder abuse awareness, but we all need to take a stand now to protect ourselves in the future. We have to start now, before more victims have to suffer as my father has. Share my website, get the word out there. You see that I am not asking for donations or contributions. I’m not asking for money. There are no advertisements on my pages. I’m asking purely for support to make sure that no one forgets Jack Parkinson, devoted husband, caring father, dementia patient, and elder abuse victim thanks to a family that he loved and helped out in the past.