Its a Sad Night for Me…Thinking Too Much

End Elderly Abuse

I was browsing FB tonight and found an article that I thought was absolutely beautiful. All I’ve done since my mom passed away is pissed people off…I did the best that I could for her when she was alive and now I face the cold hard fact that my dad may go soon as well. He and I were never close while my mom was alive. She was the friend and confidant. She was the one I talked to about my troubles and told my wishes to. With her passing, my dad became the one I talked to about things that were going on in my life. She asked me to love her home and take care of my dad. She asked me to stay close to him and I’ve tried til the evil family removed me from Jack and Pat Parkinson’s land.  They destroyed her hopes. They destroyed her home. They are selfish and conniving. And I fear that they will soon murder my dad. All it will take is being removed from what little he has left of my mom. Even her ashes will be left there because they have deemed themselves better and more deserving than him or I.  Oh well. Cant change the hold that satan has on them, but you can read the article that made me cry  if you want to. Just visit the link below