Dad’s Depression Over Mom’s Home

End Elderly Abuse

I do not understand the people that swiped my dad’s property. Upon hearing that he was going to fight against them, they have put even more interest in the property that is his. They have been by twice in the last few days, whereas for the last 9 months, they have stopped by maybe monthly. That’s not to say that they actually do anything while there. They seem to simply walk around and look at the destruction they have caused to my Mom’s house. I think it excites them to know they are hurting my dad and I. I think it makes them tremble with joy to destroy goodness. They are letting the house rot before they put effort into tearing it down. The home and the property look terrible. It breaks my heart to see it from the outside.

Momma’s House

My dad says that I should look inside, but that it would make me cry. I told him honestly, I don’t want to see what they did to it….I’d be pissed. Luckily, I took photos of it on the day that I left. I can show them to the lawyer and if dad wins his case; we expect them to pay for rebuilding what they have destroyed. That is already in the paperwork. Already we know that the floors have to be replaced and that is going to include having to remove the kitchen cabinets, reflooring, repainting, and who knows what other issues are present structurally. Then you get into the wiring that has probably been destroyed by critters in the 6 months since they had it turned off, replacing the breaker box to get the power back on, and more.

Hoping to Rebuild

I pointed out to my dad that we will virtually have to rebuild the home to be able to live in it again. He points out that he isn’t in the condition to do the work. He says that for himself, he would have charged someone 6-7000.00 just to do the kitchen in the house, but he isn’t strong enough to do it now. I assured him that I would do the work that I could if he would teach me how to. It would be worth it. I just want my mom’s life to be brought back into the home. They have sucked her out of it. Destroyed her dreams and her home. Walked over and stomped on her memory. I wish there was a part of me that would tromp over them as they have done to her.

Jack Parkinson’s Depression Over It All

My dad is feeling the stress and strain. It is not good for his mentality or his heart. The uncertainty of it. The pain of seeing what they have allowed to happen to his wife’s home. They said they didn’t want it. They said that he was too crazy to decide on it and then they pressured him into it so that they would have to see it rot away. I hate it for him. He is such a good-hearted man once you get through the shell that he puts up for most others to see. He is getting snappy at me and others who are close to him. It is so similar to the depression that he was going through when his brother deceived him. It scares me.