The Destruction of Private Property

Once again I am left to wonder, “How far can you push someone until you have pushed too far”. My dad’s brother was hassling my dad yesterday. My dad being ticked off already decided to hassle back this morning. The truck that was moved yesterday was put back into its spot this morning. My dad’s brother latched onto it with his backhoe and pulled it away from the driveway. My dad put it back and chained it to a tree that was approximately 10ft away. His brother grabbed onto it again and yanked. When the truck didn’t move, he pulled again, lifting the truck off the ground. The chain snapped and so did the sway bar and mount. The driveway in question is thin both before and after the spot by that tree. At that point, the driveway curves out toward the tree and up to approximately 30ft wide. Why is it wider in that area? I think it was done just to hurt my dad and prove that they can do it. So that they can hammer in further that they have the rights over his property.

Anyway…with the truck messed up, the law was called. His brother broke the law by putting his hands on it without a policeman there or calling in a tow truck to do it for him. Even when you evict someone, if you choose to go inside the home and remove that person’s possessions, you have to have a policeman there to “chaperone”. The brother took the law into his own hands. My dad threatened to punch him in front of the policeman. The policeman said, “No you won’t” but I do think the police officer understood the frustration that my dad was feeling. Jack Parkinson was sober today as he had been yesterday, though I am quite certain that his brother claims otherwise. Actually, I know it for a fact since he said it on the video from yesterday. They are calling him crazy and drunk. What they do not realize is that they took everything that he valued and then threaten to destroy it. It would drive anyone crazy to have that happen to them. It would destroy anyone who spent their life working to build a home for himself and his family, only to have it taken from him. An entire life’s work is erased by someone and you are told to enjoy it. The verbal agreement he made with his brother in trust was not to have his brother keep the land. And yet, because he trusted a crook, he has to watch everything be taken away. It is more than him losing a home though. It goes much deeper when you consider the fact that he placed my mom’s ashes on the property that she loved. He built a memorial stone for her on the property that they built together. All of her is there. He grieves for her so deeply still and he is losing her all over again. That is enough to destroy anyone. It is enough to drive a person insane and I am unfortunate enough to have to watch my father go through hell on earth.

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