The Disrespect of Others

My mom and dad built the home that now hangs in the balance. I am not sure that I will be able to ever fight hard enough to get it back for my parents. My dad is withering away now that I no longer live near him. I go to see him as often as I can, but its not the same. He misses me, my son, and my grandson. The grief he felt over losing mom has been replaced with grief over losing us as his neighbor. We use to sit each morning with a cup of coffee. I would take him dinner, we would talk when the mail came in. He and I were around each other daily since I moved in the main house, after the first winter. Mom passed away in July and I moved in the following March. He is dying without me there. He feels the betrayal of his own blood kin. I wish I could name their names here, but that would be slander. Jack Parkinson is a man that many around McIntosh county respected. Everyone who hears his story and knows the name of the people who took his home and land cannot believe that he was done the way he was. I never would have believed it either. But I should have.

A week after I turned down sexual advances from my uncle, Adult protective services were called in and determined that there was no issue with the way I cared for my dad. When that fell through, the department of families and children showed up to try and say that I was letting my son run the roads at 3 years old. It was a case that was never put on file according to the big dept of families in Atlanta Ga. Imagine that….LOL Every case file must go to them if it is valid, but the lady I spoke to had not seen my case at all. Guess the Social worker had something to do with that.

When my mom was sick, she called me up one day to say that my uncle’s wife had said she needed to start riding the medical bus to and from dialysis to save me the trouble. My mom was crying when she called me cause that woman had gotten her so upset. I told my mom she didn’t need to take the bus. She wasn’t an inconvenience. I never thought of her as a problem that I had to deal with.

During the 7 months that my mom tried to fight for her life, my uncle and his wife and the nurse were constantly irritating my mom. They wanted to be at her Dr appointments with us. Mom didn’t want them there, but didn’t know how to tell them to go away. We started keeping it a secret when she had Dr appointments, especially after they urged mom to go to a different kidney doctor and a different dialysis center where mom was even more miserable. Mom said the nurse was too stuck up and nosey. Mom had always said the nurse was too stuck up, even before she became a nurse. Which reminds me, here is a fair warning, if you ever meet a home nurse with the same initials as “Bowel Movement” and who walks around looking as if she smelled something nasty: tell her to let you handle your own needs. She went to dads house and threw away half the contents of his fridge and threw out medications that he had in his bathroom, and more…then never took him food or supplies to replace it. She lectured dad on having muriatic acid in his bathroom when he had grandkids coming over and then she left it sitting in the kitchen where they were more able to get a hold of it. To me….that is more than enough reason to avoid her like the plague. Anyway…I’m going to add another post about this…including what the disrespectful have done to my father in greater detail.

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