The Sadness Doesn’t End

Today the topic of conversation around dads and a few other Meridian/Darien residents was the two faced people we use to consider family. The disabled veteran that they are removing from the property is disgusted by the people who are putting him out of his only home. My dad’s brother swore he could stay as long as he wanted and then served him with an eviction. We chuckled over the fact that Neither of us would want the good nurse to be our nurse or her husband if he is a doctor to be our doctor. We agree that it would be hard telling what they would steal if they were “helping” a patient. Bill says just let him die if that is the best the South Eastern Georgia health system has to offer. I have to wonder because I THINK she was a home nurse to elderly patients for a while…I wonder how many of them had things taken from them, especially those who, like my father, have pre-existing mental issues. It still sickens me that they would put out a man in Bills condition. He is a man who fought his way through wars for this country and they dismiss him. How is that the state of Georgia allows them to pretend they care about people?

My dad and I talked more. He feels horrible because, in essence, they stole mom. They took her cemetery away from us both. He says it makes him sick. He wants to work on his home, the storm tore up his screens on his screened in porch, but he feels he shouldn’t try to do what he wants to do because of them. My dad is upset almost to tears because he knows that soon he will watch them destroy the home that he and my mom built. He wishes they would let him tear it down. He says he would save the wood and find a new piece of land for himself to build a home. Then he would be out of their hair. It is pitiful that he would then have to leave what little he has left of my mom. One day these people are going to kill him. He is going to grieve himself to death simply because he chose to trust in the people he called family. The family that was determined to screw him over and hurt him the biggest way that they could. I have faith in only one thing…God knows what they have done and justice will come to them all. I’d sell myself to the devil if I could make it happen before they stole the life that my dad has left to him.

More lawyers will be consulted this week. As well as more letters to the government. Sooner or later, I’ll make the right connection or I will die trying.

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