Things are REALLY Getting Messed UP

I spoke to my dad again tonight. I cannot shake the feeling that he is at the end of his rope. He feels that soon they are going to start bulldozing everything he worked hard to build. For that reason, he was drinking heavily. He says that he lives in a prison with me gone and if they start bulldozing, he feels he has lost completely. He isn’t happy there. He says he would be better off in a jail. I’m worried about him and his will to live. I’m writing emails. I’m asking for people to step in and help my dad. Most everyone says they don’t want to touch it. We don’t have the money for them to take notice. It would be a pro-bono case and they don’t like that idea…but they all say we feel you have a great case. I’ve started going online to talk to people. Pastors who are big on YouTube and I’m spreading the word, or at least trying to. The people who have hurt my father need to be forced to answer to what they have done to him. I need more people to see my website. I need more people to take notice and talk about what is going on in this world to allow people to hurt the elderly. Our older generations are a dying breed. They were people who cherished family above all things and when they gave their word, it meant something. My dad’s brother claims to be a good, fair, and honest person. They go to church on Sundays and claim to be “GOOD”. They say that my dad and I are the bad ones. He likes to drink and I’ve been far from innocent in the things I have done. But telling a man that you will lend him money and return their land if they can pay you off and then saying “I changed my mind”. That doesn’t make you a good person. They disgrace their church by showing up at it. They disgrace McIntosh county by being a part of it and so does the people that purchased stolen land.

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